The Whole Truth About Life In Orbit: Being An Astronaut Isn't Fun At All

The Whole Truth About Life In Orbit: Being An Astronaut Isn't Fun At All
The Whole Truth About Life In Orbit: Being An Astronaut Isn't Fun At All

Video: The Whole Truth About Life In Orbit: Being An Astronaut Isn't Fun At All

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Video: Why You Could Never Be An Astronaut 2023, February

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Who of us in childhood did not want to become an astronaut, fly to the moon (or at least to orbit) and then delightfully tell the children gathered around about incredible adventures? Even girls dreamed about it! After all, living in zero gravity and observing the Earth from space is certainly very interesting. It is unlikely that then any of us thought about how difficult it is to prepare cosmonauts before the flight, and even more so about what it is like for them there, in timelessness.

Daily rituals

What seems familiar to us in space requires additional attention. For example, to brush your teeth, you first need to prepare - at least take a napkin to remove the remains of toothpaste from your mouth. After all, just spitting them into the sink will not work. Due to the lack of gravity, the foamed paste will simply scatter all over the body. Sometimes astronauts just swallow it.

Water at the station is contained in special bags with tubes. The astronauts simply squeeze it out of the bags and then catch the flying drops with their mouths. It seems funny if you do it once or twice. But living in such conditions for months is not so easy.

How then to take a shower or at least wash your hair? In this case, special means come to the rescue - shampoos and soap solutions, which do not need to be washed off. Simply rub the product into your skin and dry with a towel. By the way, these hygiene products were developed for people who, due to certain circumstances, cannot take a shower on their own. For example, when they are in clinics for a long time.

Another task is to go to the toilet at the orbital station. Here gravity would be very useful, but since it does not exist, a special device helps people to relieve themselves - a pump that draws in feces. After being sucked in, the liquid waste is split into oxygen and water, which starts a closed maintenance cycle for the space station.

For solid waste, there are special mesh plastic bags that are inserted into the opening of the toilet bowl. They are stored for a while in aluminum 20-liter containers and then disposed of.

By the way, the space toilet has the official name "Waste and Hygiene Compartments", which means "Compartment for garbage and hygiene". And in order for a person to literally sit there on the toilet, he needs to wear seat belts. People train to go to the toilet in a cosmic way even on Earth. During such unusual workouts, a special camera is inserted into the toilet, which transmits an image to the screen. So the astronaut can control the process from start to finish.

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