Russia Plans To Revive Its Own Production Of Vitamins

Russia Plans To Revive Its Own Production Of Vitamins
Russia Plans To Revive Its Own Production Of Vitamins

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Such a unanimous opinion was expressed by the participants of the round table "Innovative approaches to increasing the vitamin supply of the population within the framework of the national project" Demography ": the path to active longevity", which took place within the framework of the 17th All-Russian Congress of Nutritionists and Nutritionists.

According to the scientific director of the Federal Research Center for Nutrition, Biotechnology and Food Safety (Federal Research Center for Nutrition and Biotechnology) Viktor Tutelyan, today a real "epidemic" of obesity and micronutrient deficiency is approaching the country. The absence of any of them leads to a decrease in adaptive capabilities, the body's resistance to adverse environmental factors, bacteria, viruses. They can enter the body only with food, and if they are few or not, a person becomes vulnerable.

- Now the lack of vitamins in the human body is very pronounced, - says the scientist, - therefore, a vitaminization program is needed for all groups of the population. This is a fast and effective, and most importantly, a proven way to improve health and active longevity. I swallowed a pill - I solved the problem of lack of vitamins and minerals.

As the director of the Federal Research Center for Nutrition and Biotechnology Dmitry Nikityuk says, theoretically this can be done without taking the IUD, but in this case the body will give a negative reaction and very quickly.

“To get the required amount of vitamins with food, you need to consume more than 3.5 thousand kilocalories daily,” he gave an example. - And this is at a consumption rate of two thousand kilocalories for men and even less for women. As a result, this will lead to elementary obesity and a whole range of diseases. Only regular IUD intake will help to avoid this.

Lack of vitamins can lead to negative demographic consequences. So, according to the director of the Research Institute of Urology and Interventional Radiology Oleg Apolikhin, today the technologies for the production of animal protein have changed. So, for example, the weight of a bird is catching up with hormones and antibiotics. food products contain more and more stabilizers, additives to make food last longer. As a result, this negatively affects the quality of sperm, much more than the environment. Together with the lack of vitamins and minerals, this significantly affects the state of a man's productive health.

Vasily Vybornov, head of the department of medical and biological support of the Sambo-70 sports and education center, said how important vitamins are for the health and results of athletes.

“Nutrition for athletes requires a special approach, down to the timing,” he says. - One formula for competition, one for training, one for rest. And the question of fortification is very acute. But so far, the gap between theory and practice, the negligent attitude of the athletes themselves to nutrition, and other problems interfere.

According to the chairman of the board of directors of the Biotech group of companies Boris Shpigel, in order to remedy the situation, it is necessary to immediately revive the vitamin industry, starting with the production of vitamin substances and the training of highly qualified vitamin specialists.

By 1991, the country was fully provided with them, but over the next few years all factories were closed, allegedly due to harmful emissions into the environment. Now this type of product is actually produced by the only plant in Yoshkar-Ola - Marbiopharm, which is part of the Biotech group of companies.Its peculiarity is that it is an enterprise with a full technological cycle: from the production of substances to finished dosage forms. The plant produces more than 100 different preparations, multicomponent vitamin and mineral complexes with plant antioxidants, individual complexes personalized according to the type of activity - for athletes, the military, special products for enriching meals in hospitals.

To give impetus to the revival and development of the domestic vitamin industry, it is necessary to adopt a law that would regulate the circulation of IUDs and dietary supplements. In particular, it should provide for a personal approach to each person, for example, during a medical examination, it is required to take an analysis for the content of certain vitamins in a person's blood. And if he lacks any, the deficit must be filled. Another important measure is the support of young scientists and specialists from both the state and business.

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