"Sputnik Light" - A Vaccine Against Coronavirus And Its Contraindications

"Sputnik Light" - A Vaccine Against Coronavirus And Its Contraindications
"Sputnik Light" - A Vaccine Against Coronavirus And Its Contraindications

Video: "Sputnik Light" - A Vaccine Against Coronavirus And Its Contraindications

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Sputnik Light is a coronavirus vaccine, the third phase of clinical trials of which started with the approval of the Russian Ministry of Health. On February 25, the head of the Moscow Government announced the start of trials on volunteers of a single-component drug for immunization in 10 metropolitan outpatient clinics. A little later, the information for journalists was confirmed by A. Rykova, Deputy Mayor for Social Development.

What is this development

In mid-February of this year, Academician of the Russian Academy of Sciences A. Gintsburg informed the public about the completion of the second phase of clinical trials of a one-component preparation for immunization. Earlier, at the end of 2020, the President of the country announced it at his annual press conference.

Characteristic features of the new development:

Sputnik Light is a coronavirus vaccine, the use of which differs in the number of injections required, and the result of one injection is an accelerated production of antibodies. This is another drug developed at the N.I. Gamaleya, permission for the study of which was issued by the Ministry of Health at the end of the New Year holidays. More than 500 people underwent medical examination for the third stage. International clinical trials began on February 27 - the first participants in the third phase were vaccinated.

K. Dmitriev, the head of RDIF, which is in charge of all financial issues of the development and use of Russian drugs for the formation of artificial immunity against COVID-19, gave a logical justification for the need for this work at the N.N. Gamalei:

Sputnik Light is a coronavirus vaccine that can effectively solve the problem of infection. Sputnik V, the world's first officially registered vaccine against coronavirus infection, remains a priority in the mass immunization of Russian citizens. Launched in Russia relatively recently, it is carried out with a two-component drug that has shown a proven efficacy of 91.6%.”

The first injection of "Sputnik V" without fixing the result of the artificially created immune response of the body with the second injection proves the effectiveness of 87.6%. The lightweight one-component version involves a single administration of the drug.

The Sputnik Light coronavirus vaccine was developed for the external market, aimed at use in those countries where the peak incidence has not yet been overcome. It will allow:

relieve the burden on healthcare and medical professionals; reduce the likelihood of developing a severe course of COVID-19; reduce the number of deaths from complications and the need for hospitalizations; overcome the peak incidence not in extreme, but in relatively normal conditions.

The answer to the question, what kind of development is this, was voiced by the head of the center. Gamalei. He said that the lite version would provide immunity in just 3 weeks. But it gives an answer with less efficiency (85%), especially among older citizens.

Sputnik V, the first injection of which is the basis of the new development, has already entered the top three world leaders among anti-coronavirus developments. Only political intrigues prevent her from taking the deserved first place on the podium. But on the other hand, it is the undisputed leader in the minimum number of contraindications and side effects.

Application features

A. Gintsburg said that the instructions for using the new drug for immunization had already been developed and contained all the necessary information. "Sputnik Light" is a coronavirus vaccine, thanks to which the virus does not penetrate the lung tissue, the symptoms remain at the level of a common respiratory disease.

After a certain time, a person can make a second injection and get stable immunity instead of temporary. The safety of the new development has already been proven, and the third stage of testing is being carried out in accordance with the requirements of the international community.

In the extreme conditions of the pandemic, "Sputnik Light" makes it possible to reduce the cost and accelerate measures to stop it. At the third stage, vaccines are tested in different age groups, and there is no shortage of volunteers in any of them.

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Testing has one more positive point. It is hypothesized that even one injection may be enough to create strong immunity. It is likely that Sputnik Light will be used for revaccination - vaccinations for those who have already had a coronavirus infection.

At the final stage, 6,000 volunteers will take part in the Sputnik Light tests, but only half of them are from Moscow. 3 thousand will participate in tests in the United Arab Emirates.

Contraindications for use are standard:

hypersensitivity to individual components; infectious diseases in the acute phase; pregnancy and breastfeeding; minority.

The last point is likely to be removed from this list soon, since NITsEM them. Gamalei began developing a children's version.


Sputnik Light is a single-dose vaccine designed to address critical challenges in a global pandemic. Trials in the third clinical phase started in Moscow clinics and in the United Arab Emirates. One injection is enough to create immunity.

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