Alternative Medicine Of The Future: Can Technology Give People Immortality

Alternative Medicine Of The Future: Can Technology Give People Immortality
Alternative Medicine Of The Future: Can Technology Give People Immortality

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Throughout the history of mankind, the search for two things did not stop: a means of ensuring immortality and a panacea for all diseases. It seems to many that today we, more than ever, are close to solving eternal problems. Is this so and will modern technologies be able to give us eternal life, or at least significantly extend it?


Scientists and businessmen are working hard to find an effective anti-aging treatment. Annually, several "revolutionary" methods are announced, which in fact turn out to be just PR or a way to make money.

According to statistics, last year, only on the fight against aging, mankind spent about 43 billion dollars and the search for the "elixir of immortality" is actively continuing. The Internet edition Wired has prepared a selection of the most unusual ways to save humanity from old age, death and disease, the absurdity of which you can appreciate for yourself.

Cryogenic freezing

Despite the fact that cryogenic technologies are already widely used to preserve bodies in many countries, and people pay huge sums of money for a place in a special capsule, from the point of view of official science, the prospects for such ensuring immortality are very illusory. There are no ways that can restore the vital activity of the body after deep freezing and there is no guarantee that it will appear in the future either.

Despite this, the powerful of this world continue to hope that in decades their ailments will learn to heal and then the body can be thawed and breathed into life. These optimists include PayPal founder Peter Thiel, Russian transhumanist Alexei Samykin and scientist Ray Kurzweil. The latter is confident that the problem of aging will be solved by 2050.


For those who do not want to wait for favors from science in the future and freeze themselves for decades, there is a "light version" of cryofreezing, which is called a cryosauna. In this case, the human body is immersed in liquid nitrogen with a temperature of -100 degrees Celsius for 3 minutes.

Not a very pleasant procedure, according to its devoted supporters, should destroy malignant cells and tissues damaged by diseases and improper lifestyle, reduce inflammation and activate regeneration. Also, adherents of cold are sure that with such a strong cooling, immunity and metabolism in the body improve. As in the case of cryofreezing, there is no serious scientific basis for this technology.

Replacement of limbs and organs

All over the world, active developments are underway in the field of bionic prosthetics and the creation of artificial organs. Scientists and manufacturers have made significant progress in their field, creating a reliable artificial heart and many artificial limbs with high functionality. Many prostheses are so perfect that they have the sensitivity of living arms and legs.

Despite this, it is not necessary to say that the replacement of limbs and organs is the path to immortality. Even if it is theoretically assumed that science can completely replace the human body, the receptacle of his consciousness, which determines the personality - the brain, is unlikely to be replaced. And if it succeeds, can we consider that the object with an artificial brain, into which the human consciousness is "transplanted", is a person?


Electronics is good, but people are somehow closer to the idea that to preserve youth it will be possible to take some kind of pill.This idea is intensively exploited by many charlatans, and in addition, many serious research centers are struggling with the problem.

The most promising developments are considered to be built around the mysterious NAD + enzyme. This substance, which is found in the body of every person and animal, plays an important role in metabolism, as well as protecting the neurons and cells of the body from aging. With age, the content of NAD + decreases and some pundits are confident that once again "charging" the human body with an enzyme, you can reverse aging.

Of all the methods listed above, this one is the most realistic, as it was tested on laboratory mice and in some cases helped to rejuvenate them. But you need to face the truth - from success with small rodents, to the full use of the drug in medicine, there is a long way and it is not at all a fact that it will be passed. Therefore, everyone who already offers anti-aging drugs today can be considered crooks or crazy by default.

As we can see, there are many ways to ensure immortality, but none of them has yet been brought to mind. I'd like to believe that the opportunity to preserve youth and health for an infinitely long period will appear in the near future, but experts are as skeptical about this as possible.

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