How To Quickly Get In Shape After Childbirth: Advice From Stars And Experts

How To Quickly Get In Shape After Childbirth: Advice From Stars And Experts
How To Quickly Get In Shape After Childbirth: Advice From Stars And Experts

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Users of social networks criticized the wife of hockey player Alexander Ovechkin, model Nastasya Shubskaya, for the fact that she got into shape too quickly after giving birth.


Son Sergei was born to the couple in August this year. Some time after giving birth, Nastasya on Instagram shared with her subscribers how she managed to quickly lose weight.

- I decided to share with you my recovery after childbirth. On the day of birth, my weight gain was 21 kilograms. And after two days I weighed 14 kilograms less, - the model writes in her blog.

I decided to share with you my recovery after childbirth, since there are a lot of questions in Direct about this. So, let's start) on the day of birth, my weight gain was - attention! - 21 kg, while I can't say that the volume in my arms or legs increased greatly, I followed the nutrition throughout my pregnancy, very rarely allowing myself sweets. Sergey Alexandrovich was born at 4100, and I am very grateful to him that he decided to be born a week earlier and did not gain the same weight that his dad had (Sasha was born 5550), so most of the weight gained was his belly! Having weighed in two days, I was already 14 kg lighter, which, of course, was incredibly happy) I was only embarrassed by my stomach, but on the advice of my friends, I immediately put on an irreplaceable postpartum thing - a tightening bandage, and literally three days later my stomach was practically gone! The remaining pounds also go away pretty quickly for several reasons: 1) Lack of sleep and proper nutrition. (I try to eat often, but not enough. For breakfast, egg and yogurt, salad for lunch, chicken or fish for dinner, fruit, cheese and coffee with milk for snacks, no sweets and starchy foods.) 2) Procedures: Once a week I go to my doctor for laser sculpting of the abdomen + lymphatic drainage, and also at home I do a wrap (now I use a GUAM fanghi d'alga mask), I must always have a salt scrub in front of him, and I also smear all kinds of creams and oils for toning the skin (most of Guam and Clarins). Something like that for now. I hope you received at least a little useful information for yourself! Have a great day, everyone, and remember, in order to get in shape faster, you need a correct, fighting attitude, and even if at first you do not see such positive dynamics as you wanted, do not worry and do not be upset, everything will be!

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Publication from NastasiyOvechkin (@nastyashubskaya)

1 Sep 2018 at 3:33 PDT

The newly minted mother was criticized by blogger Lena Miro on her page in LiveJournal. Her indignation was caused by the model's diet.

“Instead of fully breastfeeding the baby, Shubskaya recommends wraps and coffee,” shares Miro. - Drink coffee and starve instead of eating right. To transfer a child from breast milk to deep-fried potatoes, which is why children then live with killed immunity, get sick and wither.

She expressed concern that other women might adopt such advice. In her opinion, this will not lead to anything good.

In fact, stars often demonstrate their ability to quickly recover from childbirth and return to the same forms that they possessed before pregnancy.

For example, the popular actress, star of the television series "Univer" Anna Khilkevich got rid of the extra 18 kilograms two and a half months after giving birth. According to Anna herself, she gave up sweets and did not go on a diet allowed for nursing mothers. Her diet consisted of buckwheat, zucchini, as well as dietary meat: chicken breasts and turkey. Khilkevich did not neglect physical activity either.At first, I did exercises, and a month and a half after giving birth, as soon as the doctor allowed, I switched to crossfit, which includes loads on all muscle groups.

Publication from Anna Khilkevich (@annakhilkevich)

3 Sep 2018 at 5:00 PDT

Singer Anna Sedokova, mother of three children, demonstrates an amazing figure that even childbirth could not spoil. After the birth of her son Hector, Anna surprised everyone with her slender forms in a few days. According to Sedokova, it's all about a competent diet and the use of probiotics - drugs to normalize the intestinal flora, as well as in ordinary water.

- I bought a lot of small bottles and put them everywhere in the apartment, office and put them in the car. Even in the evening, I definitely put a cup of water next to the bed for the morning, - Anna shared the secrets of success with her fans.

Anna also advises young mothers to eat foods rich in omega-3 acids and fitness.

Publication from ANNSEDOKOV (@annasedokova)

4 Sep 2018 at 12:59 pm PDT

- Find your strength and work on it. And work not tomorrow after giving birth, but now. Because I laid 99 percent of my form today with three children when I was 18, coming to the gym for the first time, - said Anna.

But Elena Temnikova was not on a diet even during pregnancy, she led an active lifestyle.

- The fact that in an interesting position you can eat for three is absolute self-deception. I did fitness and yoga for all nine months, - said the singer.

According to her, she lost 18 kilograms gained during pregnancy in a month and a half with the help of physical activity and lymphatic drainage.

Publication from ElenTemnikov / Temnikov (@lenatemnikovaofficial)

29 Aug 2018 at 9:46 PDT

According to nutritionist Elena Solomatina, exhausting yourself with diets during and after pregnancy is not the best way to regain your shape.

- During pregnancy, the body is reorganized, everything is adapted for carrying a child, so that he is as healthy as possible. At this time, it is important to eat right. It is very bad if the mother during this period is trying to lose weight and imposes strict restrictions on her food, - says Solomatina.

She noted that during a strict diet, there is a great risk of the child not receiving the necessary substances, which threatens with big problems, up to the fact that the baby risks being born underdeveloped. Also, a diet can reduce the immunity of the pregnant woman herself, which will certainly affect the health of the child.

- Weight should be gained during pregnancy, this is completely normal. During feeding, no action should be taken either; during this time, the baby's immune system develops. This is a very important period during which the entire future of the baby is ensured, - says the nutritionist.

Elena Solomatina noted that the extra pounds will begin to go away after the end of the child's feeding period.

- After that, you can already go on a diet and do fitness without harm to health. Moreover, now it will be much easier to lose weight, - she concluded.

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