Moscow Has Expanded The List Of Vaccinees Against COVID-19

Moscow Has Expanded The List Of Vaccinees Against COVID-19
Moscow Has Expanded The List Of Vaccinees Against COVID-19

Video: Moscow Has Expanded The List Of Vaccinees Against COVID-19

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MOSCOW, January 13 - RIA Novosti. An appointment for vaccination against coronavirus for scientists, IT and communications workers, employees of private social services, real estate and tourism opens on Wednesday in Moscow, said the mayor of the capital Sergei Sobyanin.

Previously, vaccination was available to people from the main risk group: employees of medical and educational institutions, employees of city social institutions and other employees of educational and medical institutions - those involved in cleaning, nursing staff, administrators. In addition, workers of the MFC, culture, trade and services, workers in transport, energy, industry, as well as employees of the media can be vaccinated.

Back in December 2020, a vaccination enrollment was opened for those employed in the housing and public utilities, catering, sports and law enforcement agencies, including the police, prosecutors, courts and others. In addition, volunteers and those employed in non-profit and religious organizations, Muscovites of the older generation, college and university students over 18 years old, and construction workers can sign up for the vaccination.

Citizens suffering from chronic diseases, the presence of which requires observing a home regime, can also be vaccinated against COVID-19. Of course, if there are no contraindications established by the instructions for use of the vaccine.

Bonuses for the vaccinated

As Sobyanin said earlier, after the vaccination, older Muscovites, students over 18 years old and citizens suffering from chronic diseases will again be able to enjoy the right of free and reduced travel on public transport.

Their social cards will be automatically unlocked 14 days after receiving the second vaccine component.

How to sign up

Residents aged 18 and over with a Moscow compulsory medical insurance policy or attached to a city clinic can get vaccinated against coronavirus. Pregnant and breastfeeding women cannot be vaccinated.

Vaccinated persons should not have some chronic diseases and be sick with ARVI two weeks before vaccination. At least 30 days must have elapsed since the last vaccination, such as against the flu.

How and where to get grafted

The drug consists of two components, so the vaccination is carried out twice - this gives a reliable immune response. First, the first component of the vaccine is administered, and after 21 days, the second.

You only need to sign up for the first vaccination - the doctor will write down the second one on the day of the first vaccination. So that residents do not forget about the repeated visit to the clinic, an SMS with a reminder will come a day before it.

Vaccination will take at least an hour: 10 minutes for a doctor's examination before vaccination, about 15 minutes will take to prepare the drug, 30 minutes - observation after vaccination.

After vaccination, Muscovites receive a certificate with marks of two vaccinations, confirming the fact of their receipt.

Currently, 70 vaccination points have been opened in the capital on the basis of urban adult clinics. They work daily from 8.00 to 20.00. As Sobyanin noted, from January 14, the number of vaccination points will increase to 100.

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