The Most Deceiving Types Of Pain Identified

The Most Deceiving Types Of Pain Identified
The Most Deceiving Types Of Pain Identified

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After eating a heavy meal on New Year's holidays, sudden abdominal pain may indicate not only overeating, but also serious illnesses, said Andrei Baranovsky, head of the Department of Gastroenterology and Hepatology at St. Petersburg State University. His words are reported by Channel Five.

With such deceptive types of pain, according to the doctor, you must immediately call an ambulance. He noted that severe and abruptly appearing pains can speak at once of several diseases of the biliary system - pancreatitis and cholecystitis.

"Such pains, as a rule, do not disappear on their own, even after taking conventional drugs and antispasmodics," Baranovsky said.

People with chronic diseases also need to watch out for new factors that can provoke a worsening of the disease. The doctor believes that it is necessary to avoid alcohol and food reloading.

He called the most dangerous pains that occur during hunger and at night, and they can only be drowned out by food, water or medicine. They may be accompanied by vomiting with elements of black blotches, which indicates possible gastric bleeding.

Baranovsky advised not to engage in self-diagnosis, as well as to immediately consult a specialist in case of severe pain.

Earlier, nutritionist Nuria Dianova said that New Year's salads can be hazardous to health. The shelf life of most of the dishes prepared for the holiday does not exceed one or two days. Cold food spoils especially quickly.

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