TV Presenter Alla Dovlatova Told About Her Maximum Weight

TV Presenter Alla Dovlatova Told About Her Maximum Weight
TV Presenter Alla Dovlatova Told About Her Maximum Weight

Video: TV Presenter Alla Dovlatova Told About Her Maximum Weight

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Radio and TV presenter Alla Dovlatova reported on what the maximum weight she remembered was and how she motivates herself to look good. She shared the information in an interview with Starhit.


The star said that training and proper nutrition are constant components of her regimen. The 46-year-old presenter takes several types of physical activity. According to Alla, she is actively involved in fitness, water aerobics, and also uses breathing exercises.

“I do fitness 3-4 times a week, ideally - 5. Also every morning for half an hour I do breathing exercises on an empty stomach according to Marina Korpan's system. I do water aerobics for half an hour a day,” the popular presenter told the audience. She noted that half an hour of exercise in water can replace an hour of yoga workout for her in terms of effectiveness.

As for the nutrition of Alla Dovlatova, her diet is practically devoid of sugar and flour products.

“I will never and never put sugar in tea or coffee, under any circumstances!” - said the TV personality and added that she replaces sugar with fruit. According to the presenter, her meals are only possible from 13:00 to 18:30.

Talking about her maximum weight, the presenter remembered that it was 72 kilograms gained during the first pregnancy. Alla then got rid of the excess after 2 months. With the second pregnancy, she returned to her usual weight in a month and a half.

“When I was pregnant with my eldest daughter, my normal weight reached 52 kilos, and I added another 20. Accordingly, I was 72 kilos. I returned to my 52nd in 2 months,”shared Alla Dovlatova.

According to the radio presenter, what motivates her most is the desire to look good in the “same dress”. The TV personality said that the most difficult thing is to hold out for a week, after which the "correct" regime becomes habitual.

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