Named A Way To Lose Weight By Summer Without Violence Against Oneself

Named A Way To Lose Weight By Summer Without Violence Against Oneself
Named A Way To Lose Weight By Summer Without Violence Against Oneself

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MOSCOW, January 23 - RIA Novosti. Nutritionist Elena Solomatina, in an interview with Vechernyaya Moskva, listed simple rules that allow you to lose weight by summer without severe restrictions and exhausting sports.

So, according to her, you should not starve yourself or go on a low-calorie diet - this leads to stress and breakdowns in food: the body begins to make "reserves just in case." Therefore, you should include easily digestible protein in the diet, and replace fried red meat with boiled one. Instead of pork, the doctor suggested eating chicken, fish, or turkey. Red meat can be consumed no more than twice a week. It is also worth paying attention to greens and vegetables in the diet.

It is also important to remember about seafood and persimmons rich in iodine. Vitamin D, which is lacking in weight gain, is found in eggs, fish, and dairy products.

Spices, especially pepper, ginger, or garlic, increase metabolism. So, for weight loss, Solomatina suggested making a smoothie from cucumber, lime and ginger. Another drink for maintaining a healthy weight is green tea without sugar. In addition, it is important to drink plenty of fluids - water flushes out excess from the body. It is best to eat at least five times a day, and snack on fruits and vegetables rather than baked goods. You should also eat a small piece of meat or an egg. The amount of carbohydrates, according to the doctor, should be reduced.

You should not eat at night or at night: the last meal should be three to four hours before bedtime. The nutritionist also suggested writing down everything you eat - this disciplines and allows you to streamline your meals.

Sugary soda, sugar, baked goods, and foods with trans fats should be excluded from the diet. If you want fatty, then you can eat a slice of bacon. Solomatina suggested replacing vegetable oil for frying with ghee or refined olive oil. And in order to get rid of cravings for sweets, the doctor suggested including supplements with chromium and magnesium in the diet.

Sleep also affects weight gain. In winter Solomatina advised to go to bed earlier. Growth hormone, which affects weight loss, is released at midnight during deep sleep. For a person, you need to sleep seven to eight hours. Not getting enough sleep puts the body under stress, which produces cortisol.

"And cortisol increases the desire to eat, and sweet or fatty," - explained the doctor, stressing that to lose weight, you also need to move a lot.

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