Peskov Named The Main Consequences Of The Pandemic

Peskov Named The Main Consequences Of The Pandemic
Peskov Named The Main Consequences Of The Pandemic

Video: Peskov Named The Main Consequences Of The Pandemic

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Video: Dmitry Peskov about a pandemic, crisis, fakes, fines and surveillance // Special guest 2023, February

The coronavirus pandemic has taken the "well-fed world" out of its comfort zone and proved that Russian healthcare can be reformatted in a few months. This was stated by the press secretary of the President of the Russian Federation Dmitry Peskov.

This pandemic forced a well-fed world out of its comfort zone, a fed world was told about this day and night by the media. If the world could, without leaving its comfort zone, go through this pandemic and if the media were not so important in people's lives, then all this would not have happened. Because in terms of losses, this is not the most deadly pandemic, - said Peskov in an interview with Vladimir Solovyov, published on his YouTube channel.

According to a Kremlin spokesman, a person's life "rests on a comfort zone," which suddenly disappeared, and now everyone is worried about "whether we will return to this comfort zone."

Unexpectedly, we realized that we were able to reconfigure our medicine in a matter of months in such a way that, although our mortality rate had grown, it was still lower than in Western Europe,”Peskov added.

As wrote, in the territory of Russia over the past 24 hours, medical specialists have identified 24,246 new cases of infection with a new type of coronavirus infection. In total, 3,284,384 people have been infected with the coronavirus since the start of the pandemic in the country. According to the employees of the operational headquarters, over the past 24 hours, doctors discharged 22,632 patients with previously diagnosed COVID-19 from domestic hospitals upon recovery. In total, 2 662 668 Russians have managed to cope with the disease so far. The headquarters also said that over the past 24 hours, 518 people infected with coronavirus have died in Russia. During the pandemic, 59,506 Russians became victims of the infection.

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