Sputnik V Conquers The Planet: Russian Vaccine Is Among The Three Most Popular In The World

Sputnik V Conquers The Planet: Russian Vaccine Is Among The Three Most Popular In The World
Sputnik V Conquers The Planet: Russian Vaccine Is Among The Three Most Popular In The World

Video: Sputnik V Conquers The Planet: Russian Vaccine Is Among The Three Most Popular In The World

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Video: Growing recognition for Russia’s Sputnik V COVID-19 vaccine 2023, January

Sputnik V continues to gain momentum. This week, the Russian vaccine was among the three most popular in the world. And today the first production line of the drug was launched in India, reports MIR 24 TV channel correspondent Rodion Marinichev.


Vaccination is like a holiday. The Russian vaccine Sputnik V was the first to be tested in Iran by the son of the Minister of Health.

“My father wanted to start with him, but I still convinced him to let me go ahead,” said Parsa Namaki.

The famous V-shaped gesture has taken on a new hue. Here the name of the drug is on everyone's lips. Five million doses of Sputnik are expected in Iran in the near future.

“If our Ministry of Health declared the vaccine to be reliable, we are fully ready for its use, because people really need it now,” said Iranian President Hassan Rouhani.

“The third wave is coming, and we will have to resist it. This requires, first of all, to reduce the level of infection. Only after that can the restrictions be lifted,”said German Chancellor Angela Merkel.

Merkel again extended the quarantine: for now - until March 7, and then we'll see. In Germany, people are gradually getting used to the phrase "third wave". But the vaccine is sorely lacking.

“Germany made the mistake of handing over the organization, all this logistics, the financing of all this vaccination of the Germans into the hands of European bureaucrats who were simply unable to organize it all,” said international journalist Alexander Rahr.

The main supplier - the American Pfizer - announced the delays of the batch. Details are emerging in the German press: many politicians, security officials and even clergymen are allegedly vaccinated "by pull", out of turn.

“I am surprised how many people are ready to just get on a plane and go to Russia, at least for half a day, to receive the Sputnik V vaccine there, realizing that in Germany they will receive the saving vaccine in May or June at best,” he said. international journalist Alexander Rahr.

Merkel announced a month ago that she was ready to help with the registration of Sputnik in the European Union. The application was submitted at the end of January. The procedure can be completed in early March. However, German companies have already begun negotiations to establish production in Germany.

“I would agree to be vaccinated with this vaccine. After all, if it meets all the necessary criteria, why not use it?”- said a resident of Berlin Elvira Lukowski.

They also want to produce Sputnik in Slovakia. Prime Minister Igor Matovich made it clear that this can be done without the approval of Brussels.

“Even though this is a Russian vaccine, we will never put politics or geopolitical interests above people's health. If we start producing this drug, we will supply it to other EU countries as well,”said Prime Minister of Slovakia Igor Matovic.

The new prime minister of Estonia, Kaya Kallas, was not afraid of the Russian vaccine either.

“If the European Medicines Agency gives the green light, I see no reason why it could not be accepted for use. This is the same vaccine as everyone else,”said Kaya Kallas.

Callas' words contrast with a recent statement by her Lithuanian counterpart Ingrida Simonyte, who called Sputnik V a hybrid weapon. However, there are fewer and fewer such statements. Hungary has already decided not to wait for a European-wide permission. There, starting this week, they began universal vaccination with Sputnik. At least two million doses are awaiting.

“If we have a vaccine today, it means that soon we will stop spending money on business support and will finally be able to restart the economy,” Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban said.

Serbia also has high hopes for the Russian Sputnik. Here we developed a preliminary business plan for cooperation and discussed the details with the Russian side.

“The first stage will include the transportation of the drug itself, its packaging and distribution. We already have technological capacities for this. According to Russian experts, the implementation of these tasks will take two to three months. A full production cycle in Serbia can be set up in nine to ten months,”said Serbian Minister of Innovation Nenad Popovic.

Sputnik V has already begun to be produced under license in South Korea, India, Brazil and China. The vaccine was among the three most popular in the world. It is registered in 27 countries on four continents. This week it was done by Kazakhstan, Montenegro, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines. Vaccination has begun in nine countries.

“The vaccines that exist are not yet sufficiently tested, the virus itself is not well understood. There were no, so to speak, test groups on which the effect of these vaccines was tested,”said Anna Davydova, a resident of Nizhny Novgorod.

Anna is not going to be vaccinated in the near future. And there are still plenty of people like her. In Russia, out of 146 million people, only about four million are vaccinated - less than 3% of the population. At the same time, the results of the third phase of tests of the Russian “Sputnik. They are published in the authoritative British scientific publication "The Lancet".

“There are no moments that were considered threatening. For example, an antibody-dependent increase in infection, which was very feared in the context of this infection. Today, when hundreds of thousands of people have already been vaccinated, we see that there is no such phenomenon,”said Alexander Chepurnov, virologist, leading researcher at the Institute of Experimental Medicine of the Russian Academy of Sciences.

The second argument against vaccine opponents is an adverse reaction.

“I had such cases among my friends when the temperature rose under 40,” said Anna Davydova, a resident of Nizhny Novgorod.

“Some people - not all - only some people - can develop this SARS-like condition. That is, a person for two to three days feels as if he has started ARVI. This is an absolutely natural reaction to this vaccine,”said immunologist Vladimir Bolibok.

There are contraindications for Sputnik vaccination. The vaccination should not be done if you have contracted any infection - after recovery, at least two weeks should pass. If you have ARVI or intestinal poisoning. You need to wait for the temperature to drop. If you are pregnant or breastfeeding. If you are under 18 years old. How the vaccine affects the child's body is still being studied. If you have severe chronic liver, kidney or neurological diseases such as epilepsy. And finally, a severe allergy to one of the components of the vaccine.

“I have a drug intolerance, and I care about my health and still am afraid to get vaccinated,” said Anna Davydova, a resident of Nizhny Novgorod.

However, you need to distinguish where the allergy is, and where is the short-term reaction at the injection site, the so-called infiltration.

“If there is an infiltrate, that is, a seal, after a while over this infiltrate, when it dissolves, there is a zone of peeling of the skin. People perceive this as an allergy. In fact, this is not an allergic reaction, it is a so-called adverse reaction to vaccination. It happens not only on Sputnik, it happens on absolutely any other vaccine,”said immunologist Vladimir Bolibok.

The clergy are also ready to dispel the last prejudices.The Russian Orthodox Church has long been calling for the "Sputnik" to be vaccinated, calling it a godly deed. Now the vaccine was also recommended in the Spiritual Administration of Muslims of Russia.

“If a vaccine does not contain elements of haram, that is, from prohibited products, and doctors talk about the benefits of this vaccine, then Islam allows it. Therefore, the Muftiate fully agrees with the Ministry of Health on this issue,”said Muhammad Abdurakhmanov, an assistant to the Mufti of Dagestan, a specialist in Islamic medicine.

In "Sputnik" there is neither pork gelatin nor human cells. This means that there is reason to officially recognize it as halal.

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