Doctors Told How To Identify Coronavirus By Language

Doctors Told How To Identify Coronavirus By Language
Doctors Told How To Identify Coronavirus By Language

Video: Doctors Told How To Identify Coronavirus By Language

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The UK National Health Service has called for the addition of one more to the list of coronavirus symptoms - the so-called covid tongue. Experts believe that this symptom will help identify a larger number of infected.

As the doctors said, a swelling of the tongue, as well as small pimples in the mouth, may indicate a coronavirus infection in the body.

In addition, ulcers may appear. Epidemiologist from King's College London, Professor Tim Spector assures that one in five infected people show symptoms that are not on the official list. In his opinion, the inclusion of such a sign in the list will help to more accurately determine the infection.

Spector also clarified that such a symptom could play a big role in stopping the coronavirus pandemic. The fact is that it manifests itself in the first three days of infection. It is worth noting that at this time a person is the most contagious, and therefore the most dangerous to others, reports "Rossiyskaya Gazeta".

Earlier wrote that professor of virology, author of the book "Virologist: the cost of error" Alexander Chepurnov named an unexpected factor that allows you to extend protection against coronavirus infection. The fact is that when the particles of the virus remain in the digestive tract, the body continues to produce antibodies.

Prior to this, Christian Drosten, a leading virologist at the Berlin clinic Charité, warned the world against the rapid lifting of restrictions on COVID-19 in the spring or summer against the background of mass vaccination of the population. The specialist believes that after this, a new outbreak of the virus will inevitably occur. He assumes that then the number of infected people per day will reach 100 thousand people.

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