A Psychologist On How To Effectively Lose Weight

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A Psychologist On How To Effectively Lose Weight
A Psychologist On How To Effectively Lose Weight

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March is the time when many people begin to “lose weight by summer”. People go on strict diets, are actively involved in sports, but the excess weight still does not disappear anywhere! Why is this happening?


Oologians are sure: the reason is in the head. The expert told what needs to be done in order to tune in to lose weight and find the figure of your dreams.

How to Prepare for Weight Loss?

To lose weight, as to any important matter, you need to thoroughly prepare, says psychologist Lyudmila Artemyeva. “You can't just take it and start“losing weight on Monday,”says the expert. - The preparation can take about a month. During this time, you have to figure out how and what you eat."

In preparation for losing weight, think about how your meal is going. Remember how often, when you buy a bun or cake in the store, you reassure yourself that no one has ever recovered from one bite? You yourself may not notice that there are a lot of such "pieces" per day!

lick, are you guided by the principle "the plate must be clean"? Maybe today at lunch the portion turned out to be too large, and you felt full even during the meal, but you still ate everything - do not throw it away! Think about how many times a day you ate, not because you were hungry, but simply "for the company", because of stress or boredom. By giving yourself clear answers to these questions, you will make it easier for yourself to lose weight and, most likely, begin to lose weight already during the preparation phase.

Set a goal

After that, formulate the goals that you set for yourself. They must be real! Do not expect to lose 7-8 kilograms in a month. Of course, if you do not eat almost anything, then you will lose this mass, but then even more kilograms will return to you - you will not be able not to eat all your life.

“Moreover, if you torture yourself with hunger strikes, then wherever you are - at work, on vacation, at home - all your thoughts will be only about food,” says Artemyeva. - This is the wrong approach. Losing weight should fit into your life, not guide it. The optimal weight loss rate is no more than two kilograms per month."

tivate yourself! Explain to yourself why you need to lose weight. The reasons for everyone may be different: someone wants to sunbathe in the summer on the beach in a beautiful swimsuit without hesitation, and someone wants the children to stop being ashamed of walking next to an overweight parent. Every time you're close to breaking down and eating a sandwich at night, think back to your goal and put the food back.

Refrain from temptations

Finally, after understanding the causes of excess weight and how and what you eat, you started losing weight. You combine proper nutrition with exercise and have already seen the first results: today the scales showed 300 grams less! Do not relax at all, otherwise the weight can easily come back.

According to the psychologist, it is very important not to deviate from the path amid external pressure and constant temptations. The main danger, paradoxically, comes from the closest people - those who claim that "you are already thin."

“If you are determined to lose weight, do not listen to anyone,” the expert advises. - This is your life and your goal. Don't be fooled when someone tries to feed you a fried potato claiming to have made it just for you. Thank the person, but politely explain that you are eating special meals right now!"

The same is true when going on a visit. Usually hospitable hosts put on the table a wide variety of dishes, many of which are too high in calories. Often when visiting, a person tries this or that food so as not to offend the cook. Never do that! Choose dietary meals for yourself: if the owners treat you with respect, they will understand you and will not persuade you to “eat at least a spoon”.

one addiction is stress seizing. Learn to deal with negative emotions in other ways, such as intense training in the gym, going to a concert, or watching a good movie.

How psychology helps you lose weight

There are several psychological tricks that can be great helpers in the fight against excess weight. The main rule is not to deny yourself food! “If you really want to eat a piece of cake, this desire will not go away from you,” says Artemyeva. - It will haunt you day and night, and, in the end, completely exhausted, you will eat the whole cake. Of course, your conscience will torment you - but that is only later."

In order not to bring oneself to such a breakdown, the psychologist advises to cut an ordinary piece of cake into three parts and eat only one. If you want more, the thought will appear in your head: “This will be the second piece, too much!”, And it will be easier for you to refuse dessert.

Eat from a small plate. The food will fill almost all of its surface, and it will seem to you that the portion is quite impressive. You should choose dishes in blue tones: it has been proven that this color reduces appetite, while orange, on the contrary, kindles.

Someday, even if all these rules are observed, the arrow on the scales will stop. This does not mean that you need to further limit yourself in nutrition and increase physical activity.

You just came to your optimal weight, which you will need to adhere to! “All people are different,” recalls the psychologist. - The main thing is that you feel comfortable. When you have successfully coped with the process of losing weight, smile at your reflection in the mirror and love it! ".

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