The Expert Named The Habits Of Centenarians. EXCLUSIVE

The Expert Named The Habits Of Centenarians. EXCLUSIVE
The Expert Named The Habits Of Centenarians. EXCLUSIVE

Video: The Expert Named The Habits Of Centenarians. EXCLUSIVE

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Centenarians in different countries have their own habits. There are so-called "blue zones" on the planet, in which the largest number of centenarians are concentrated, where people live longer than the average in the population. Scientists have found that genetics are not the only influences. Olga Tkacheva, Director of the Russian Gerontological Research and Clinical Center, told the MIR 24 TV channel about this.


“We compared different aspects - economic, traditions, food, geographic. All these zones have a very small temperature range, that is, the difference between winter and summer is small, this is a fairly stable temperature. We did not find any other features and common features,”she said.

Olga Tkacheva gave an example of the lifestyle of centenarians from various "blue zones". It turned out that people living in Okinawa, for example, have certain principles.

“Find a reason to live, don’t worry, be happy, help others, eat until you’re full 80%, 90% of calories they take from complex carbohydrates, they have a fairly nutritious diet, containing a lot of vegetables, fruits, micronutrients, vitamins … They move a lot,”she said.

According to the expert, there is a similar zone in California. There people live about eight years longer than the average American. Long-livers of California do not drink alcohol or coffee, do not smoke, most of them are vegetarians. There is another place on the planet with a large concentration of centenarians. About the island of Ikaria, they say that people there forget to die.

“They also have a lot of vegetables, fruits, legumes. They have the highest level of socialization, they communicate a lot, stay at a party. One in three residents of the island live to be 90 years old,”added Tkacheva.

According to her, a complex of factors affects life expectancy: physical activity, cognitive function, educational level, social activity, good sleep, prevention of chronic and age-related diseases. It is also important to understand that aging is a developmental zone.

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