From Itching To Pain During Intimacy: How To Recognize And Cure Thrush - The Opinion Of A Gynecologist

From Itching To Pain During Intimacy: How To Recognize And Cure Thrush - The Opinion Of A Gynecologist
From Itching To Pain During Intimacy: How To Recognize And Cure Thrush - The Opinion Of A Gynecologist

Video: From Itching To Pain During Intimacy: How To Recognize And Cure Thrush - The Opinion Of A Gynecologist

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Perhaps every woman has encountered such an unpleasant condition as thrush. For some, this gynecological disease goes away on its own, or rather its symptoms, and the thrush itself goes into a chronic stage. How to cure her and not start the situation, the editors of learned from an obstetrician-gynecologist.

Olga Nikitina obstetrician-gynecologist of the Semeynaya network of clinics, ultrasound doctor, pediatric gynecologist

How to understand that I have thrush

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Perhaps the symptoms of thrush are familiar to everyone. Most of all, girls are worried about itching, burning and constant discomfort around and inside the vagina. All this is accompanied by abundant white cheesy discharge with a characteristic sour odor. With a mild course of the disease, the formation of a white plaque on the labia is possible, without pronounced edema. Unhealthy discharge is associated with the active reproduction of Candid fungi in the body, in particular on the mucous membranes of the vulva and vagina.

Often during thrush, there are unpleasant sensations when making love - burning and pain. This is due to increased sensitivity in an acute inflammatory process.

Why arises

The causative agent of this disease has been known for a long time - it is a yeast fungus of the genus Candida. However, they belong to conditionally pathogenic flora, therefore, during normal body activity, they do not develop in the vagina to such an extent as to cause discomfort. The impetus for the active division of fungi can be hormonal disruption, taking antibiotics that kill all bacteria in the body - in the intestines, in the vagina and in other organs. Some of these bacteria are beneficial and help inhibit the development of fungal flora.

The reason for the multiplication of Candid can be a passion for sweets and its excessive consumption. Pregnant women often suffer from thrush, as their hormones change and, as a result, the acid-base environment in the vagina. One way or another, any stress for the body, even a change in climate, can provoke thrush.

And what can be done

In the case of thrush, you cannot self-medicate - and, moreover, it does not matter whether you have had experience of dealing with this problem or not. The fact is, Candid adapts to drugs - which is why the drugs that worked for you last time may not work now. In addition, the symptoms do not allow to live in peace - to work, play sports and even sleep. That is why you need to see a doctor.

A visit to a gynecologist should not be canceled, even if the unpleasant sensations have subsided - it is necessary to pass a smear on the flora in order to exclude the latent course of pathogenic processes and the transition of thrush to the chronic phase.

The specialist will prescribe competent treatment, whether it be systemic antifungal drugs (tablets) or local remedies - vaginal ointments, tablets and suppositories. The classic treatment regimen is a single dose of drugs containing fluconazole at a dosage of 150 mg. For accelerated relief of symptoms, it is worth using topical medications. Only a doctor can choose a local drug on the basis of a smear analysis for microflora - sometimes with thrush, other microorganisms related to opportunistic microflora develop in the vagina, which leads to an exacerbation of the inflammatory process. In such cases, you will have to strike at them, and not only with antifungal drugs.

When treating thrush in your area of ​​responsibility, observance of sexual rest, hygiene and restriction of sweets in the diet.With thrush, both sexual partners should be treated, since your man can reintroduce pathogenic flora into the vagina during sex.

If you do not follow all the recommendations and are treated without the help of a doctor, thrush will flow into a chronic form and will worsen up to four or more times a year, worsening the quality of your life.

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