Fitness Trainer Named 5 Simple Secrets Of Eternal Youth

Fitness Trainer Named 5 Simple Secrets Of Eternal Youth
Fitness Trainer Named 5 Simple Secrets Of Eternal Youth

Video: Fitness Trainer Named 5 Simple Secrets Of Eternal Youth

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Fitness trainer Victoria published a new post on Instagram, in which she named five simple secrets of eternal youth.

“How to stay forever young? A few simple tips.

1. A real "scourge of the 21st century". The habit of tilting your neck down towards the gadget. The load on the cervical spine increases up to 25-27 kg, this is the weight of a 6-7 year old child! Also try to tilt your head down in front of the mirror and look at yourself: "flew", nasolabial, double chin! We create muscle memory ourselves.

2. Sleeping on the side or stomach, so we accelerate the aging process of the delicate skin of the face and neck. Due to prolonged contact with the pillow, it is compressed and does not rest. In youth, the "creases" formed the next morning are quickly smoothed out, but over the years they become deeper. So we sleep together on our backs and look younger.

3. Smoking. Firstly, due to the constant habit of folding lips with a tube, the same fine vertical wrinkles are formed on the skin as when using “straws”. Secondly, the lips are the first to receive a dose of nicotine and toxic tar. This causes the blood vessels to constrict and restricts blood flow.

4. Lots of coffee and sweets. Sugar abuse is harmful to health in general and to the skin in particular. During its digestion in the body, a glycation process occurs, due to which collagen and elastane fibers break down.

5. Sedentary lifestyle. Exercise stimulates collagen production, which significantly reduces the risk of premature wrinkles.

I think everyone knows these rules, and I have not opened America to anyone, but sometimes repetition is the mother of learning, "wrote Victoria.

Earlier it was reported that the fitness trainer spoke about the men tackling after taking pictures in a swimsuit.

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