Alisa Freundlich And Her State Of Health Today In 2021

Alisa Freundlich And Her State Of Health Today In 2021
Alisa Freundlich And Her State Of Health Today In 2021

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Alisa Freundlich and her state of health for today in 2021 are the subject of constant attention of news publications about the events of the cultural life of the country, fans of the artist. For more than a month, all of Russia has been closely following the reports from the North-West NCC im. Sokolova (St. Petersburg), where she is undergoing treatment for coronavirus infection.

Background of events

Theater them. Tovstonogova announced the hospitalization of Alisa Brunovna on December 25, 2020. For more than a month now, the NCC, where she was sent, has been receiving monotonous reports of a consistently severe course of the disease. Some sources reported that she had a severe form of coronavirus infection and the development of a cytokine storm began.

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Fortunately, this alarming news was not confirmed, although KP, citing informed sources in the Ministry of Health, reported that Freundlich's condition remains consistently grave. According to the endocrinologist, Alisa Brunovna does not have enough muscle mass to which the body could turn as a source of energy.

The reason for this is sarcopenia - age-related degeneration of skeletal muscles, weight loss associated with the onset of old age, which until recently did not attract the attention of gerontologists. In the body of the stellar patient, a hormonal failure occurred, which, probably, became the cause of the main disease, which proceeds in a severe form.

Good news

Earlier, the latest news invariably informed about the state of health of Alisa Freundlich today, that she is receiving oxygen therapy and is still in the intensive care unit.

On January 21, 2021, it was reported that Freundlich underwent a control CT scan, which showed a positive dynamics of destructive processes in the lungs.

This time, an informed source told RIA Novosti that the picture in the upper lobes of the lungs gives grounds for some hope and optimism. And literally today there was a message that the People's Artist of the USSR was transferred from the intensive care unit to a regular ward in the therapeutic department.

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Positive dynamics is clearly manifested - a woman who was previously indifferent to everything began to eat with appetite, communicate with others and doctors, her mood improved and optimism increased. Reputable experts who came from Moscow confirmed the correctness of the therapeutic tactics chosen by the doctors of the center. So far, there is no question of being discharged at home, but this is explained by the necessary rehabilitation measures after the coronavirus. The actress was prescribed physiotherapy, massage, breathing exercises. They are carried out according to an individual intensive scheme, in which specialized assistance is indispensable.

Rest, as a favorable factor in the treatment of hormonal imbalance, is necessary and can be fully provided only in a hospital. Moreover, the daughter and granddaughter of Alisa Brunovna, according to an informed source, are in the same hospital, but in different wards. Millions of fans are following the health reports of their beloved actress with hope and anxiety.

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