Less Side Effects: What Is Known About The Vaccine Of The "Vector" Center, Which Will Arrive In Kaliningrad

Less Side Effects: What Is Known About The Vaccine Of The "Vector" Center, Which Will Arrive In Kaliningrad
Less Side Effects: What Is Known About The Vaccine Of The "Vector" Center, Which Will Arrive In Kaliningrad

Video: Less Side Effects: What Is Known About The Vaccine Of The "Vector" Center, Which Will Arrive In Kaliningrad

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In March, the region will receive the drug EpiVacCorona, which will also participate in the vaccination campaign, along with Sputnik V. "Klops" studied the answers to popular questions about the vaccine developed at the "Vector" center. The information is published on the Rospotrebnadzor website.


1. How does the vaccine work?

The product contains neither live nor killed virus. It consists of synthetically engineered proteins that mimic coronavirus S-protein peptide antigens, coupled with a carrier protein and an adjuvant (immune response enhancer). Once in the body, it is captured by antigen-presenting cells (B-lymphocyte in the figure - ed.), Which trigger an immune response, accompanied by the production of protective antibodies, the formation of a pool of cells aimed at destroying the virus.

2. Does the drug have side effects?

During the tests, several volunteers had a pain in the injection site a day after the vaccination; after a couple of days, these unpleasant sensations disappeared. No other undesirable manifestations were recorded. The drug is well tolerated by chronic people and pensioners.

3. How to measure the level of antibodies?

Most commercial test kits are highly likely to fail to detect antibodies in individuals vaccinated with EpiVacCorona. They are aimed at detecting a wide range of antibodies to different regions of the S-envelope protein of the new coronavirus. The development of the "Vector" center works in a different way, it develops an immune response to precisely those parts of the virus that are significant in its life cycle, without burdening the immune system with antibodies that play a lesser role in the fight against the disease.

You can control the effectiveness of the drug using special ELISA test systems "SARS-CoV-2-IgG-Vector". They are developed taking into account the peculiarities of the formation of immunity in response to the introduction of a peptide vaccine and are supplied to all regions where the population is immunized with the EpiVacCorona vaccine, the Rospotrebnadzor explained.

At the same time, in January, the department announced the 100% effectiveness of the drug of the "Vector" center. The results of the study were provided by the Izvestia portal and other federal media.

4. Who is not allowed to be vaccinated and how can the chronicles be vaccinated?

Contraindications are chronic diseases during an exacerbation, tuberculosis, neoplasms, syphilis and HIV. Do not vaccinate pregnant and lactating mothers, as well as children.

The procedure is contraindicated in case of hypersensitivity to any component of the vaccine and severe allergic reactions.

5. Can people with cold symptoms be vaccinated?

For mild ARVI, acute infectious diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, vaccination is carried out after the temperature has returned to normal.

6. How to vaccinate those who are going to have a child?

When planning a pregnancy, it is necessary to consult with your doctor, which will allow you to make an informed decision taking into account the state of your health.

7. Does the drug have any effect on reproductive function?

In experiments on mice and rabbits with single and double administration, no toxic effect of EpiVacCorona on the structure of the gonads was found, which indicates the appropriate safety of the vaccine against the new coronavirus for humans.

Any potential deviations associated with reproductive functions will be in the field of vision of specialists during long-term monitoring of vaccinated volunteers, "the department noted.

How vaccines are created, what stages they go through and how safe they are, Klops was told by a senior researcher at the Center for Immunology and Cell Technologies of the IKBFU. Kant, candidate of medical sciences, doctor-immunologist Andrey Goncharov. You can read an interview with him here.

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