The Rules Of Great Lent

The Rules Of Great Lent
The Rules Of Great Lent

Video: The Rules Of Great Lent

Video: Great Lent in the Orthodox Church Part 1 2022, December

Orthodox Christians began Lent. The first day of fasting is Maundy Monday. On this day, believers completely abstain from food and drink only water. Among the traditions of Clean Monday are cleaning the house after Maslenitsa and a bath. The Great Canon of Penitence of St. Andrew of Crete and other prayers. Lent for believers is a time of spiritual cleansing and abstinence in eating and drinking. For 48 days of fasting and prayer, Christians prepare themselves for the holiday of Bright Easter. Lent is the most important and longest for Christians. The end of Lent, the holiday of Bright Easter, will be celebrated by believers on April 28.


Father Viktor Chernyshev, the elder of the Nativity of Christ Church, told in the studio of the MIR 24 TV channel what rules to follow during Great Lent.

- For believers, is fasting a restriction or a holiday?

Viktor Chernyshev: For the Orthodox, fasting is a holiday, believers are waiting for it. Fasting can be compared to harvesting. That is, we have been sowing and plowing all year, and now we are gathering a spiritual harvest. At this time, believers concentrate all their strength.

- Fasting is considered a time of spiritual cleansing. How is spiritual cleansing related to abstinence from eating and drinking?

Viktor Chernyshev: There is a great relationship. The inability to hold on to one thing will prevent you from taking the next step. As the Apostle Peter says, everything is permissible for a person, but not everything is useful. A person can eat and drink everything, but in moderation. In order to somewhat increase his spiritual potential, the Church recommends abstinence so that a person can feel differently, free up time and energy for spiritual companionship.

My children make music. I understand that without learning the notes, you can, of course, play, but it's difficult. So it is with fasting. A person is asked to do the simplest thing at first - to fast, refusing some foods is the simplest part of fasting. The most difficult is spiritual.

Watch the video for the full interview.


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