All For The Sake Of Beauty: The Most Insane Diets Of The Last Century

All For The Sake Of Beauty: The Most Insane Diets Of The Last Century
All For The Sake Of Beauty: The Most Insane Diets Of The Last Century

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Before the New Year holidays, women often think about losing a few pounds. However, rarely does anyone do it right, exercising regularly in the gym and adhering to proper nutrition. Everyone wants quick results by sacrificing their health. Today we will talk about the most harmful diets that were very popular in the last century.


Chew more! At the beginning of the 20th century, Dr. Goras Fletcher published a report on how his innovative way to lose extra pounds can be effective. According to a specialist, a person should chew the smallest piece of solid food at least three dozen times! Subsequently, the doctor was nicknamed the Great Chewer and for a long time endured ridicule of his technique until he himself lost 18 kilograms thanks to this method. It is worth noting that among the fans of this "diet" were the writer Henry James and the billionaire John Rockefeller.

Dinitrophenol Madness After the end of the First World War, doctors noticed how significantly those patients who previously worked in warehouses with insecticides began to lose weight. It turned out that dinitrophenol is able to speed up metabolism, thereby saving you extra pounds. The drug began to be advertised everywhere, and a major advertising campaign bore fruit - more than a hundred thousand people bought "life-saving pills". However, the popularity of dinitrophenol quickly subsided when cases of loss of consciousness and even death were revealed.

Sleep The "Sleeping Beauty Diet" was also very popular. Among those who dreamed of getting a slender figure, there was an opinion that the more you sleep, the more beautiful and fit your body will be. Sometimes, to add at least a few extra hours to sleep, people pumped themselves up with sleeping pills. According to rumors, Elvis Presley also used this diet. Calorie bomb And this diet for the sweet tooth was just a dream. It was developed in 1934 by George Harrop and, according to the method, it was necessary to eat as many bananas with cream as possible. Naturally, such food products did not reduce weight, but, on the contrary, increased it. And soon lovers of slender figures became disillusioned with the technique. Later it turned out that this diet was just an advertising campaign for one of the banana suppliers.

Worms and fish For western beauties in the 1920s, miracle pills with larvae were a real salvation. Capsules containing tapeworm larvae were in great demand as advertisements promised a 5kg loss in 7 days. Alas, advertising was silent about "side effects", and there were a lot of them. The fashion for such a diet reached the CIS countries, albeit later: in the 90s. In the USA in the 30s, people even swallowed live fish, which, in theory, were supposed to help those who were losing weight to eat food entering the stomach. It's amazing why no one thought about the fact that fish are not able to survive in the gastrointestinal tract. They also did not think about the parasites, which were often in raw fish and supplied the body with worms that were losing weight.

Mineral oil Another amazing product thanks to which the author Marion White promised quick weight loss is mineral oil. This product is one of those that cannot be digested by the human body. Therefore, those who consumed the oil began to suffer from frequent stomach upsets, pain in the intestines and other disorders of the gastrointestinal tract.

Smoke! Not only pseudo-nutritionists, but also tobacco companies began to make money on the dreams of losing weight about slender waists. In the 40s, people were encouraged to give up sweets, replacing them with a cigarette.Naturally, enticing advertisements for tobacco products only increased the motivation to listen to these tips. As a result, the spread of cardiovascular disease, cancer and other serious health problems. Horns, hooves, etc. In the 70s, Robert Lynn created a "wonderful" drink that can effectively fight excess pounds. Thanks to this recipe, people should have lost their appetite. The cocktail included horns, hooves, hides, tendons and other slaughterhouse waste. The drink had to be taken instead of a full meal. Soon he was recognized as dangerous when, after such a diet, 58 people died of a heart attack.

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