The Doctor Gave Advice To Those Who Have Had Coronavirus

The Doctor Gave Advice To Those Who Have Had Coronavirus
The Doctor Gave Advice To Those Who Have Had Coronavirus

Video: The Doctor Gave Advice To Those Who Have Had Coronavirus

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MOSCOW, January 9 - RIA Novosti. Immunologist Vladimir Bolibok told in an interview with Vechernyaya Moskva how to behave for those who have already had COVID-19 at home.

He recalled that a recovered person needs to include in the diet a large amount of antioxidants, which are found, for example, in green tea or citrus fruits.

"All this helps to restore the balance of pro- and anti-inflammatory substances in the body, remove the excessive inflammatory response," explained Bolibok.

When returning to work, you should also take into account your well-being: if the work does not require strong physical activity, then you can go full-time. If you load yourself immediately after suffering a coronavirus, then a large amount of oxygen will be consumed, which is necessary for the muscles and the cardiovascular system. The doctor explained that with serious physical activity, a person saturates the body with oxygen. At the same time, this can affect the nervous system of the person who has recovered and increase the residual inflammatory processes in the body.

"Everything should be proportionate to the state of health. Mental and physical activity should be increased gradually," Bolibok emphasized.

As the immunologist explained, if a person has had a coronavirus, then he will not immediately become infected from another sick person, since he has antibodies. At the same time, as the doctor emphasized, the presence of immunity does not exclude the possibility of a new infection. He also noted that the body with immunity fights the trapped coronavirus and "kills it."

After recovery, there is no point in doing a computed tomography: there must be indications for it.

Previously Honored Doctor of Russia, Professor of the Department of Hospital Therapy of the Russian National Research Medical University named after V.I. NI Pirogov, Alexander Karabinenko advised in the process of restoring the body to a varied and healthy diet. In addition, to restore the lungs, you need to reduce the amount of mealy foods due to the fact that they cause increased gas production. It is also worth doing special gymnastics to strengthen both the lungs and immunity. Therapist Olga Zmanovskaya advised light physical activity during the recovery period, and there should be more protein in the diet. In this case, you need to exclude or reduce the amount of salty, sweet, fried and spicy. In addition, you must observe the daily regimen and sleep for about eight hours. Pulmonologist Kirill Zykov advised smokers after suffering coronavirus to quit this bad habit and adhere to a balanced diet.

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