Doctors Have Discovered New Consequences Of COVID-19

Doctors Have Discovered New Consequences Of COVID-19
Doctors Have Discovered New Consequences Of COVID-19

Video: Doctors Have Discovered New Consequences Of COVID-19

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Video: Doctors Discover Possible Health After Effects of COVID-19 | NBC New York 2023, January

The coronavirus causes irreparable damage to health, and some of its effects can last for months. This is the conclusion reached by experts from the National Institute of Health of Great Britain, writes with reference to the Financial Times "Constantinople".


According to a study carried out by scientists, patients who got sick in the first wave of the virus still feel unwell. They, in particular, feel "fog in the brain", nervous exhaustion, their hair falls out, there is no sense of smell and taste.

"Symptoms start in one physiological system, wane, but then show up in other organs," the study said.

Malaise and general "broken" condition can last for months, experts say. Doctors noted that 87 percent of patients feel unwell even a few months after recovery, and they have at least one symptom of coronavirus for a long time.

It is also noted that the UK public health service has confirmed: one in ten of those who had a mild illness reported symptoms lasting up to four weeks. Moreover, up to 20 percent of complications last a month or longer.

“It looks like this coronavirus is behaving very differently from other viral infections such as the flu,” said Philip Pearson, a respiratory doctor at Northampton General Hospital.

Earlier, British scientists created a test with which you can understand how a patient will have COVID-19. The method is based on the analysis of five cytokines in the blood, according to the TV channel "360".

Cytokines are signaling molecules that trigger lymphocytes. The severe form of COVID-19 is signaled by an excessive increase in the level of cytokines in the blood. If these cellular molecules are in excess in the body, instead of triggering the immune system, they cause hyperinflammation. This can lead to complications and even death.

As an epidemiologist, doctor of medical sciences, first deputy chairman of the State Duma Committee on Education and Science Gennady Onishchenko told Parlamentskaya Gazeta earlier, the flu is more dangerous than coronavirus. According to him, the damage from the first is higher primarily because the total incidence is much higher.

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