Steve Jobs' Doctor Talks About Habits That Prolong Life

Steve Jobs' Doctor Talks About Habits That Prolong Life
Steve Jobs' Doctor Talks About Habits That Prolong Life

Video: Steve Jobs' Doctor Talks About Habits That Prolong Life

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Steve Jobs, MD, physician David Agus gave a lecture at the Healthy Moscow Assembly. The expert talked about the key principles of longevity and listed simple measures to help you feel better. About this newspaper Metro.

The expert advised eating real fruits and vegetables instead of getting carried away with smoothies and juices. There is little nutritional value in them, moreover, it is "solid sugar". According to the doctor, those who eat a variety of foods cannot be deficient in vitamins and nutrients.

Agus also recommends stripping naked and examining yourself thoroughly at least once a month. “The doctor sees you once a year, once every two years,” he explains. - He cannot remember what is happening with your body. Write down any changes and report them to your doctor."

He also stressed that one cannot be alone - it is better to live together with someone. You should eat at the same time: those who eat when they want to have an increased risk of diabetes. The same goes for sleep: the same time of waking up and going to bed improves brain function and helps to better absorb information.

The doctor advises to spend at least half an hour a day without a gadget - this improves memory. In the evening, before using a smartphone or tablet, it is recommended to wear glasses with yellowish lenses, and switch the device itself to night mode. It will make it easier to fall asleep, Agus notes.

The expert also calls for more movement. An hour at the gym does not cancel physical activity throughout the day. According to Agus, he deliberately leaves his laptop in the back room to go there and check mail.

For the development of the brain, the doctor advises to do not the kind of sport that is easy and pleasant, but, on the contrary, exercises that do not work out.

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