Five Ways To Deal With Swelling

Five Ways To Deal With Swelling
Five Ways To Deal With Swelling

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In our youth, we are often lazy or simply forget about regular care for our face and skin in general, without worrying much about the distant times, which were still rigidly outlined by Coco Chanel. “At the age of 20 your face is given to you by nature, at the age of 30 it is molded by life, but at 50 you have to deserve it yourself - this legendary woman and genius fashion designer of the 20th century loved to repeat. - After 50, no one is young anymore. But I know 50 year olds who are more attractive than three quarters of poorly groomed young women."


Of course, daily, from year to year, painstaking work on your appearance requires discipline and patience, which not everyone has. Yes, and strong in our Russia is such a factor as “social aging”. “As soon as a woman loses the meaning of life, her hands become discouraged, she stops taking care of herself,” says cosmetologist Ekaterina Morozova. However, among millennials or, for example, people for whom “face work” is part of the profession (actors, TV presenters, etc.), there is traditionally a high percentage of wizards who know how to cheat the time. For example, the popularly beloved actress Elena Proklova in her 67 years old looks fantastic (by the way, she speaks about her age with pride and this is not surprising). The actress responds not without coquetry to the constant requests of journalists to “reveal secrets”: “The secret of youth and beauty? Write down: you need a bowl, in which cold water is poured and ice is thrown. We lower a large terry towel into it for a few minutes, take it out, wring it out and put it on our face and décolleté. But that's not all: you need a second towel, but only in a bowl of hot water, where you can add rose petals and a little of your favorite fruit juice if you wish. Change towels like this three or four times - and you feel great! Everything about everything takes me a minute and a half. Wrinkles are straightened, pores are cleared, eyes begin to glow, and the skin is ready to perceive any subsequent care cream. There is one little trick: if you do it at night, then end with a hot relaxing towel, if in the morning - with a cold invigorating one. In my opinion, it is difficult to come up with a more budgetary beauty procedure"

The recipe is really simple and beautiful, and it will take little cost. I wonder how often such contrasting procedures can be done on the skin? Here the opinions of cosmetologists were divided. Someone warns of the possible negative effects of very cold water (a feeling of tightness, peeling, a sharp narrowing of blood vessels leads to the formation of vascular "stars"), someone, on the contrary, is delighted with such contrasts.

“I do not recommend to my clients resorting to extreme methods of leaving. Very cold water, like very hot water, is not good for the skin. - says dermatovenerologist, cosmetologist of the EPILAS network of medical centers Aigul Zakhirova. But such a popular home procedure as rubbing your face with a piece of ice, according to the expert, can really help with morning swelling. Under the influence of low temperatures, the pores narrow and the puffiness will subside faster. But this procedure should not be done too often.

It is possible to effectively cope with edema, prompts Aigul Zakhirova, using professional techniques, such as, for example, lymphatic drainage massage (the simplest and easiest way that can be supplemented with home self-massage), microcurrent therapy, then injections follow the severity of the effect on the body, the task which - to reduce the hernial sacs under the eyes and remove swelling and finally blepharoplasty, a surgical operation that, like all the procedures described above, is recommended to be done only in certified clinics with trusted specialists.This is the most reliable way not only to save your money, but also your health, and sometimes life.

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Swelling is a common problem that can occur not only due to age. The most common factors provoking puffiness, according to Olga Degtyareva, a trainer with a diploma from the International Academy of Face Fitness, is constant lack of sleep, sleeping on her stomach with her face in a pillow, lack of water during the day, stuffiness in the room, applying cream before going to bed, fried and salty for dinner. dairy products before bed, alcohol, nasal congestion, allergies, chronic stress, poor posture and hormonal changes in the body.

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