How The 80/20 Diet Works To Help You Lose Up To 6 Kg Per Month

How The 80/20 Diet Works To Help You Lose Up To 6 Kg Per Month
How The 80/20 Diet Works To Help You Lose Up To 6 Kg Per Month

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Although the summer has already passed, the topic of diets this year continues to be relevant. What can you do - because of the epidemic, we move less and, often, disperse melancholy with tasty and high-calorie dishes. If you decide to look your best even off the beach and at the same time do not want to mock yourself mentally and physically, the 80/20 diet is an excellent solution to the problem of excess weight.


The food scheme known as 80/20 has been used by stars such as Olivia Munn, Miranda Kerr and Gisele Bundchen. It is actually very effective, and most importantly, it does not require serious sacrifices and global changes in the diet. This diet is often approached by those who have more than once been disappointed in other popular methods.

Olivia's flat stomach is the best advertisement for the 80/20 diet

Here is how the actress Olivia Munn, the star of the movie "People X. Apocalypse", says about her not too successful experience:

“When we started filming People X. Apocalypse, I had to lose a few pounds to make my body look perfect and I was on a very strict diet, plus I went to the gym three times a week. But as soon as the shooting was over, my weight jerked up and exceeded 65 kilograms! With my height of 1 m 63 cm, it was a disaster. I rushed to train 7 times a week, but I only felt exhaustion, loss of strength and hatred of everyone around me. That's when the 80/20 scheme caught my eye. And it turned out that this is my salvation!"

The 80/20 system is very simple and effective. Its essence is that the diet is composed of 80% of various vegetables and fruits. As for the remaining 20%, it can be anything, even eclairs and burgers. This diet is a real godsend for those who cannot give up "cookies for tea" and a hot dog on the way from work.

At first glance, it seems that the main problem lies in the exact calculation of those very percentages. But here, too, everything is extremely simple - you just need to divide the meals into "healthy" and "normal". With such a diet, five meals a day are considered optimal, so 4 meals a day should be "healthy", and the fifth is at your discretion.

If you do not have the opportunity to eat five times a day, then you can divide three meals a day. It's just that two meals should consist of vegetables and fruits, and the third should be partly vegetables and partly from your favorite foods. This third, combined reception can be either breakfast or lunch. For obvious reasons, it is better not to do it with dinner.

The author of this system, nutritionist Teresa Cutter, claims that with its help, you can get rid of 6 kilograms per month without experiencing much hardship. True, the expert claims that it is better to calculate the 80/20 ratio not in daily but in weekly volume. What's better? Yes, everything is simple - so you can afford not just individual meals of "junk" food, but whole "days of disobedience"!

The 80/20 method will be a real godsend for those who are often at a party or at official receptions. Knowing in advance when there will be a feast, you can arrange for yourself a protracted fruit and vegetable period in advance, but then feast for a couple of days without remorse. This is especially true before the New Year holidays and holidays, isn't it?

At the same time, Cutter urges everyone to remain prudent. If on such a day off from a diet day you taste fries three times, and at night from the heart indulge in a biscuit cake, then this can nullify all your weekly efforts. Therefore, try not to lean on high-calorie foods.

Many people have a completely logical question - not

is it dangerous to health

just like that, immediately switch to vegetables and fruits.Leading nutritionists of the planet have already answered this question more than once - if you diversify your food as much as possible, using ordinary and tropical fruits, berries, root vegetables, cabbage, legumes and fresh herbs, then you will not feel absolutely any discomfort, and your health, on the contrary, will become improve rapidly.

But what is the secret of the 80/20 diet, is it really just about reducing calories? Not at all. By removing calories from your diet, you are unlikely to lose 5 6 kg with the prospect of not gaining them again. The main "trick" of this diet is the abundance of fiber, which normalizes the intestines, removes toxins from the body and, most importantly, speeds up your metabolism.

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