Peskov Told The Details Of His Family's Coronavirus Disease

Peskov Told The Details Of His Family's Coronavirus Disease
Peskov Told The Details Of His Family's Coronavirus Disease

"We have many children living with us. We have already gone to the hospital (with his wife Tatyana Navka - approx." RG "), but not a single member of the family got sick," - said Peskov in the film Naili Asker-zade "Dangerous Virus. First year "(TV channel" Russia 1 "). "Despite the fact that we were in the house and we were not locked in a separate room, that is, we communicated with everyone, because we thought that everyone was already doomed," he added.

And no one can still understand why they did not get sick, Peskov noted. But then - yes, everyone got sick … "Later, yes, after a few months. But at that moment no one got sick," he said.

Speaking about the youngest daughter Nadia, Peskov explained: “We didn't even notice how she got sick … And we can't even answer the question whether she got sick or not. But she also communicated with the sick, she communicated with brothers and sisters, who then through we have been ill for several days already."

"The disease is unpleasant, it is better not to get sick", - says Peskov. "Although, on the other hand, I now go with antibodies, which I then earned in May, and I feel quite calm," he added. There are no consequences now, but for two or three weeks I was very weak. “It was hard to walk, hard to move, and gradually I worked and worked, literally two weeks later I already started to go in for sports,” the president’s press secretary shared his memories.

Peskov noted that when he learned that he was ill, "a certain fear was present." “My wife and I actually fell ill on the same day. It was scary. The first two days seemed to be quite tolerable. But then, when the temperature went down, and they did CT, it turned out that pneumonia had gone. deterioration occurs, which happened to me. That is, after a week of treatment, I experienced a deterioration, and the area of ​​lung damage only increased, "he said.

"Doctors say that the affected area can literally double overnight. It was uncomfortable. Well, such sensations are very strange from the disease in general," the Kremlin spokesman concluded.

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