Yoni Vaping: Why The Popular Intimate Procedure Is Unsafe

Yoni Vaping: Why The Popular Intimate Procedure Is Unsafe
Yoni Vaping: Why The Popular Intimate Procedure Is Unsafe

Video: Yoni Vaping: Why The Popular Intimate Procedure Is Unsafe

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Yoni vaping: why the popular intimate procedure is unsafe


Vaginal steaming, or yoni steaming, is an alternative ancient Korean procedure for women's health, which Gwyneth Paltrow regularly does (not on her own, but in the spa), and someone even repeats it at home. Some people believe that with the help of herbs (wormwood, rosemary and basil) you can cure diseases of the reproductive organs, reduce menstrual pain, and simply remove an unpleasant odor. However, vaginal steaming is not a safe procedure at all. The doctors explained to us why it cannot be done by itself, repeating the video tutorials from TikTok.

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Evgenia Nazimova, chief physician of the Clinic of Dr. Nazimova and medical trainer of Basis Genomic Group, gynecologist-endocrinologist of the highest category, expert of the International Healthy Lifestyle and Sports Festival SN PRO EXPO FORUM

Proponents of steam baths for the vagina claim that they have miraculous effects: they can cleanse the vagina, relieve pain and spasm, and even restore hormones. However, when a woman has no problems with the pelvic floor (prolapse of the vaginal walls, failure of the pelvic floor muscles, etc.), the entrance to the vagina is always closed.

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If you just sit over a source of steam, then steam particles can only get to the vulva area. That is, at best, there will be an expansion of the vessels of the skin of the vulva and a slight increase in blood flow in this area.

A much more pronounced effect in this area can be achieved with the help of exercises for the pelvic floor, since during training there is a significant increase in blood circulation in all organs of the small pelvis and muscle strengthening. It is important to understand that if there are inflammatory or tumor processes in the vulva (which a woman may not know about), heating can provoke their significant activation.

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In addition, if the steam temperature is too high, it is easy to burn the sensitive skin and mucous membrane of the vulva. The fact is that fabrics in this area are almost never exposed to external influences, being reliably hidden by underwear.

It is advisable to use essential oils for steam baths with caution - allergic reactions are possible. It is also not possible to influence the normalization of the hormonal background by acting on the genital area, since hormones are not produced in the vulva in principle. As for cleanliness, there are special products for the care of the vulva area that effectively cope with this task without the use of complex procedures.

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And a healthy vagina, in principle, does not need any cleansing procedures, the normal microflora is quite capable of coping itself. But, if the procedure gives a woman pleasure, then with all the precautions taken, it is quite capable of helping in the fight against chronic stress. And all diseases, as you know, are from the nerves.

Yakunina Larisa Sergeevna, reproductive physician, obstetrician-gynecologist, specialist in ultrasound diagnostics, specialist in infertility and miscarriage, MAK ECO clinic

The procedure is unsafe, there are contraindications:

bleeding or disposition to them body temperature above 38 degrees intolerance to drugs or herbs prescribed for the procedures malignant or benign formations or suspicion of their existence endometriosis of the pelvic organs, inflammation of the vagina, bacteria carrier (ureaplasmosis, mycoplasmosis, chlamydia, etc.) virus carrier in the acute stage. Has a positive effect on diseases of the pelvic organs of the atrophic nature of the vulva

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It is imperative to visit a gynecologist and take smears for infections, conduct an ultrasound scan and colposcopy before these procedures.

Kikina Yulia Alekseevna, obstetrician-gynecologist, reproductive specialist at GMS IVF, doctor of ultrasound diagnostics

Vaginal steaming is not safe. This can cause burns and bleeding. As for eliminating odor, it is also unlikely. It is most likely that this procedure will cause dysbiosis, which will be accompanied by discharge, odor and itching. You do not need to do such procedures yourself and risk your health, if you have health problems, you need to go to the doctor in person. Especially with serious diseases and infertility.

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