10 Answers To Strange Questions That Must Have Plagued You All Your Life

10 Answers To Strange Questions That Must Have Plagued You All Your Life
10 Answers To Strange Questions That Must Have Plagued You All Your Life

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Every day people in the world are interested in something new. It looks like a child's curiosity, but the questions and answers sometimes confuse even an adult. They don't talk about this in the classroom, the parents came up with their own versions. The only hope is the internet.


Especially for you, we have found answers to the age-old "why": why there are butterflies in the stomach, why the tears are salty, why in America everyone walks around the house in shoes. Then you will definitely become famous as a “know-it-all”. In a good sense of the word, of course.

Why do tears taste salty?

In general, tears are 99% water, but still with an admixture of various inorganic substances, which include salt. Incredibly, the composition of tears depends not only on the state of your body, but also on the reason for crying. When the reason is unpleasant, for example, you feel sorry for yourself, the body is stressed and due to the stress, which is similar to physical exertion, the tears become salty. But joyful tears are completely different in chemical composition.

Why do butterflies appear in the stomach?

Everything is much less romantic - in science such a state is called the interconnection of the intestines and the brain, the intestinal-cerebral axis. The nerve cells that are in the tract are strongly connected with the brain and its work, so they react to all bursts of emotions just as sharply. Falling in love, fear, excitement - all these nerves perceive as stress. The level of hormones rises in the body, and a command is triggered in the head - to increase the pressure and make the blood flow to the muscles and lungs. Accordingly, there is a sharp outflow from the intestine. This is what "butterflies" really are.

Why are some newspapers and magazines called "yellow press"?

Scandalous journalism is called "yellow". It all started with the release of The World newspaper in 1985, which featured a boy in a yellow shirt on the cover. He was credited with a variety of caustic statements. American readers would like this move so much that other newspapers began to use the "yellow baby" and published similar drawings and symbols at home.

All newspapers that decided on such a design did not hesitate in their content to resort to any means to lure the reader into a sensation. After 10 years, the expression "yellow press" has finally taken root in the lexicon.

Why is autocorrect called T9?

This system, thanks to which many people correct mistakes, is actually a predictive typing mechanism, that is, its function to guess what you want to enter. On push-button phones, each button had 3-4 letters, there were 9 buttons in total. You just need to press it once, and the phone guesses which word you need. Therefore, T9 is Text on 9 keys - "Set on 9 buttons".

Why do wizards use magic wands?

In Bristol, they conducted a whole study on this topic and concluded: a wand is needed to focus energy and correctly direct it to a target. In the movies, some wizards, such as Albus Dumbledore from Harry Potter, can freely manipulate magic without additional items. This means that he is strong enough to control his strength on his own.

Why do they wear shoes around the house in America?

Americans hardly ever walk or walk on very clean sidewalk and grass. They have a well thought out system of washing roads and shoulders, plus there are special mechanisms for drainage and drainage. In Russia and the CIS, you usually have to overcome sandy mounds, muddy roads and puddles, but in America, shoes after the street are so clean that they even go to bed without taking off their shoes.

Why are there no brushes in America's toilets?

They are simply not needed there, since an enhanced drainage system is used in the USA. The flow of water is so powerful that it removes all impurities from the surface of the toilet and immediately sends them down the drain. In other countries, the pressure system in the drain is not so high, therefore, after pressing the button, complete cleanliness is not guaranteed. Although even Americans sometimes put brushes in their private bathrooms. So, just in case.

Why do people in old pictures always put their hands on the shoulders of another person?

Previously, one photo could take several hours. Moreover, at this time it was impossible to move at least a little, so that the photo did not deteriorate and was not blurred. In the atelier in those years, they came up with a variety of devices for convenience: people sat, substituted whatnots, leaned on tables and decorations. But when they took a group photo, the models were asked to lean on another person. This was the only way to survive the entire photo session.

Why are all iPhone images showing the same time?

On January 9, 2007, at 09:41 sharp, Steve Jobs presented the first smartphone from the Apple line. Since then, in advertising, the company has indicated the number 9:41 on the screen as a sign of honor for the launch of the very first copy of the iPhone.

Why are there great ideas in the soul?

It's simple: your could have been concentrating on a specific problem all day and was tired, and your head and body relaxed in your soul. You feel better, calmer and freer, so in such a favorable environment to give something incredibly creative - like clicking a finger! A similar effect is achieved during exercise or listening to relaxation music. The less you “force” the brain to work actively, the easier it is for it to generate creative solutions.

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