The Most Harmful Female Eating Habits Are Named

The Most Harmful Female Eating Habits Are Named
The Most Harmful Female Eating Habits Are Named

American nutritionists have named the ten most harmful female dietary habits. They were listed by Eat this, not that !.

Lauren Harris-Pincus, a board-certified nutritionist and nutritionist, argues that women, especially mothers of young children, often eat while standing. According to the doctor, this is very harmful, since in order for the brain to fully understand the food intake, it is worth eating while sitting, using a plate and fork or spoon, and chewing food thoroughly.

She also advises not to finish eating unhealthy snacks like nuggets and cheese for children, but to throw these foods away, as they are high in calories. Harris-Pincus recommends preparing healthy snacks in advance, such as vegetables, fruits, and Greek yogurt, rather than looking in the refrigerator in the middle of the day to fill your stomach.

When choosing dishes, the nutritionist gave advice to listen to your body, and not try to choose something less high in calories. Otherwise, the person will simply eat more, but will never be satisfied. She suggested not labeling food as “healthy” or “harmful,” but to formulate a diet based on the content of nutrients, vitamins and minerals in foods.

Her colleague Kelly Jones recommends avoiding snacks like nutritional bars. Women should definitely include protein in their breakfast, she said, be it protein-rich yogurt, oatmeal with nuts and seeds, or whole grain bread. The nutritionist noted that women often skip breakfast if they ate a heavy meal the night before, but in the end, this only leads to the fact that they again eat too much for dinner. Jones suggested trying a full breakfast and several snacks in the morning to change the diet.

The nutritionist urged women not to stick to low-carb diets for very long, as this can adversely affect reproductive health. Finally, she made a recommendation to reduce the number of snacks as much as possible and try to arrange more full meals, despite the busy schedule.

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