Popular Nutritional Myth Dispelled

Popular Nutritional Myth Dispelled
Popular Nutritional Myth Dispelled

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The well-known saying "who eats an apple a day does not visit the doctor" requires some clarification, wrote the Chinese portal Sohu.

Zhang Chunrong, chief physician and professor at the Beijing University of Chinese Medicine, emphasized that apples should be eaten according to some rules.

For example, they cannot be combined with sweet potatoes on a regular basis, as this can lead to gastrointestinal upset or even illness. According to the physician, the starch-rich product provokes the release of acid in the body.

Apples already contain many organic acids, which together with sweet potatoes create an undesirable reaction in the stomach.

It is noted that the most nutritious way of eating apples is rather unexpected: you need to steam or boil them. The author of the article believes that the nutritional value of such a dish is much higher than that of raw fruits. He also warned that with proper nutrition, you need to follow a number of precautions: do not get hung up on monotonous food, eating it every day, do not bring yourself to eating disorders, and also monitor the balance of substances in the body.

However, the doctor emphasized that for the most part, these fruits are extremely beneficial.

"Apples are rich in nutrients that are very beneficial for promoting health. They can prevent the development of cancer, relax the intestines and normalize stools, lower blood sugar and lipids, and boost immunity and improve disease resistance," the portal quoted him as saying.

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