A Chemical Apocalypse Looms

A Chemical Apocalypse Looms
A Chemical Apocalypse Looms

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They are found in almost all objects that surround us: non-stick pans, textiles and leather products, shampoos and other toiletries. PFAS are known to cause cancer and other serious diseases.


The entire volume of these chemicals, produced since the 1940s, remains with humanity. And we do not see this molecular pollution. And it is everywhere and in everything that surrounds us, even in the air we breathe. Its most destructive forms have been found in blood samples from 99% of Americans, from Greenlandic natives, and in the breast milk of Norwegian mothers. It is known that PFAS causes cancer, reproductive system failures, liver, endocrine and nervous systems damage.

PFAS provide water resistance to almost all food packaging, they are in non-stick pans, they are impregnated with leather products, clothes, carpets, they penetrated shampoos and other toiletries.

Business Insider recommends that when shopping for clothing, avoid items containing a dirt and water repellent material labeled Gore-tex, which indicates the potential use of PFAS chemicals.

In 2018, it was revealed that the six largest carpet manufacturers in the United States were using PFAS. And this is especially dangerous for babies playing on such surfaces, who at the same time play with plastic toys, which are a mixture of toxic chemicals that affect the development of the child.

Along with PFAS, they can contain dioxins in a concentration comparable to that observed in ash from industrial waste incineration. Produced in a number of European countries, India and Nigeria, these toys are often made from recycled plastics from electronic devices.

An American study found markedly increased levels of PFAS in the bodies of people who regularly visit fast food establishments, where these substances are found in packaging and disposable dishes - plates and takeaway cups. In the blood of those who cook at home, the toxin content is lower. Effective December 31, 2022, New York will enter into force a long-awaited law restricting the inclusion of PFAS in fast food packaging.

The PFAS group includes over 4,700 industrial chemicals. In the United States, they have been found even in tap water at concentrations exceeding the legal limit. American scientist David Andrews called them the biggest threat lurking in drinking water. Conventional home filters cannot trap these substances, which is why Americans are now purchasing larger, more powerful filters.

After the toxicity of PFAS was identified, the manufacturers cheated and switched to analogues of these substances, the harm from which has not yet been identified due to the lack of research. Doctors say that one known evil has been replaced by another.

Experts from the Agency for the Protection of Living Organisms from Destructive Chemistry warn that no one knows what the consequences of the critical accumulation of PFAS molecules in the human environment will be and how much time will pass before all life on Earth begins to die out from a chemical apocalypse against which there will be no vaccine …

Nikolay Ivanov.


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