What Is Coxarthrosis And How To Deal With It?

What Is Coxarthrosis And How To Deal With It?
What Is Coxarthrosis And How To Deal With It?

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Groin pain after running or walking for a long time is a reason to see a doctor. Perhaps this is a symptom of coxarthrosis - one of the most common arthrosis that affects the hip joint.


Oleg Kaplunov, the chief freelance traumatologist-orthopedist of the regional health department, said what kind of disease it is.

The elderly get sick more often

Gleb Danilov, "AiF" - Lower Volga region ": - How does coxarthrosis arise?

Oleg Kaplunov: - Deforming osteoarthritis of the hip joint - as experts call this disease - develops over time. The reasons are varied: congenital features of the formation of the hip joint (dysplasia), rheumatic diseases (rheumatoid arthritis, gouty arthritis, psoriatic arthritis), malfunctions of the endocrine system, inflammatory diseases (tuberculosis of bones and joints, osteomyelitis), injuries (dislocations of the hip, fractures fracture of the pelvis).

At the same time, there is a large group of patients in whom the disease occurs spontaneously for no obvious reason. This form of the disease is called idiopathic.

With coxarthrosis, a degenerative dystrophic process develops in the cartilage, which is gradually destroyed. As a result, the cartilage tissue is completely erased, and the head of the femur is in direct contact with the pelvic bone, causing pain. It becomes difficult for a person to move. The body fights pain syndrome muscle spasm, which in itself turns into pain, and the person begins to limp.

- Who gets sick more often?

- At risk are those who experience excessive physical stress on the joints - overweight and athletes. There are more women among the patients. This is due to the fact that they are more likely than men to suffer from hip dysplasia and rheumatic diseases. Plus, a longer life expectancy plays a role, because coxarthrosis most often affects middle-aged and elderly people.

Don't take the pain

- What will be the first alarm bell informing about the onset of the disease?

- With coxarthrosis of the first degree, patients complain of periodic pain that occurs after physical exertion. The pain is localized in the groin area, sometimes extending to the knee area. After rest, it usually disappears. When the disease progresses to the second degree, the pain becomes more intense, appearing at rest. After a strong physical exertion, the patient with coxarthrosis begins to limp, the range of motion in the joint decreases. With coxarthrosis of the third degree, the pain becomes constant, bothering patients both day and night. It becomes difficult to walk.

- How to treat?

- At the initial stages, it is possible to use chondoprotectors that nourish the suffering cartilage, anti-inflammatory analgesics, therapeutic exercises, massage, physiotherapy, spa rehabilitation. At the third stage, we are definitely talking about replacing the hip joint with an artificial one - endoprosthetics. This operation is a serious trial, since most of the patients are elderly.

- Is it possible to completely recover from coxarthrosis?

- Unfortunately, there is no cardinal way to overcome the disease, it progresses over time. But timely treatment can delay surgery and improve the quality of life.

- Is there any prevention?

- It is very difficult to offer adequate prevention, because, as I have already said, in almost half of the patients the disease appears for no apparent reason. I can advise a balanced diet, avoiding excess weight, moderate physical activity and a timely visit to a doctor.

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