Doctors Told How To Strengthen The Body Before Spring Epidemics

Doctors Told How To Strengthen The Body Before Spring Epidemics
Doctors Told How To Strengthen The Body Before Spring Epidemics

Video: Doctors Told How To Strengthen The Body Before Spring Epidemics

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Spring is coming in less than two weeks. However, with the long-awaited warming and a drop, illnesses can come - in winter, the immunity of Russians has become weaker, the lack of vitamins makes itself felt, and the body does not correctly produce hormones due to the short daylight hours. Against this background, the risk of catching viral infections increases. found out how to prepare for spring in order to meet and spend it healthy.

At the end of winter, many Russians begin to feel the symptoms of vitamin deficiency: weakness, drowsiness, chronic fatigue, decreased performance and dizziness. You can solve this problem by adding more vegetables and fruits to your daily diet. However, the body should be prepared for such a menu. In particular, in the presence of gastrointestinal ailments - to drink a ten-day course of the necessary drugs. This will help to better assimilate vitamins, told therapist Lyudmila Lapa.


Author: Lyudmila Lapa [general practitioner]

I tell everyone - those who have chronic gastritis should always prepare and spend ten days on drink a certain therapy, which, as a rule, is prescribed by gastroenterologists or therapists. So that there is no discomfort in the gastrointestinal tract, and even more so - some kind of pain syndromes that would bother a person. For a person with chronic gastritis, pancreatitis, cholecystitis, doctors always prescribe a small therapy. This will allow you to prepare yourself for spring, for summer. And immediately the condition will improve, because vitamins will be better absorbed.

You should take more walks on sunny days to increase your vitamin D levels, your doctor advises. If necessary, it is worth taking a course of vitamins and minerals purchased at the pharmacy. In particular, vitamin C, magnesium and B vitamins, which help to restore the central nervous system. Calcium is also important - it is an indispensable trace element that is absorbed with vitamin D, as a result of which the condition of the bones improves and more energy comes. Do not discount omega-3 and vitamin E, which supports metabolic processes and the digestive tract.

In spring, the risk of contracting viral infections is increased. In particular, influenza and coronavirus. To strengthen the body, it is necessary to normalize the daily routine and sleep time - in winter, immunity suffers due to improper production of hormones against the background of short daylight hours. Also, the correct routine stabilizes the nervous system and the emotional sphere, which affects the state of human health, said vaccine specialist, infectious disease specialist Evgeny Timakov in an interview with

According to him, hardening should also be done - this will help to make the local immunity of the mucous membranes and lungs stronger (a complex of factors that protect the skin and mucous membranes from foreign antigens).


Author: Evgeniy Timakov [infectious disease doctor, vaccinologist and pediatrician]

This is training of mucous membranes - in order for the local immunity to work and viruses, when attached, are immediately blocked by the local immunity. In order to stimulate immunity, there must be constant contact with the factor of aggression. The simplest thing is to gargle with cool, cold water. This is washing with contrast showers. And this is breathing exercises in cool air - a slow inhalation and a sharp exhalation to stimulate the lungs.

He added that vibrations affect the production of secretory immunoglobulin of mucous membranes - this was the conclusion of German scientists. So, singers have a higher local immunity than people who do not sing. Therefore, singing will help the body become stronger in the face of infection.

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