Oncologist Spoke About The Benefits Of A Pandemic For Cancer Patients

Oncologist Spoke About The Benefits Of A Pandemic For Cancer Patients
Oncologist Spoke About The Benefits Of A Pandemic For Cancer Patients

Video: Oncologist Spoke About The Benefits Of A Pandemic For Cancer Patients

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Video: The Impact of COVID-19 on the Cancer Patient | Dr. Charu Aggarwal 2023, February

The coronavirus pandemic has played, oddly enough, a positive role for cancer patients in Russia, according to the famous Russian oncologist, author of more than 300 scientific papers, Evgeny Imyanitov. He stated this in an interview with News.ru.


Imyanitov explained that although during the pandemic, many Russians suffering from various tumors could not receive the necessary assistance on time, thanks to the coronavirus, the number of patients in whom the disease was discovered by accident has increased.

“A person came to the office about COVID-19 and lung damage, and cancer became an accidental find. Unfortunately, there were also late detected tumors, when it was impossible to do something,”the doctor said.

The oncologist also touched upon the topic of vaccination of his patients against COVID-19. He dispelled the myth that the immunity of cancer patients is reduced, and said that he did not expect any unusual effect from the vaccine when conducting research on cancer patients, which would begin in one and a half to two months.

“I do not expect that the vaccine will work in any other way for cancer patients. We do not expect anything special here,”explained Imyanitov.

The specialist commented on the method of immunotherapy, for which two years ago American and Japanese scientists received the Nobel Prize. The Russian specialist does not consider this method a panacea, since in practice it is extremely difficult to apply it and it works mainly for hematological diseases, when there are not so many tumor cells in the body.

Recall that recently Sergey Voznesensky, Candidate of Medical Sciences, Associate Professor of the Department of Infectious Diseases of the RUDN University, said that some people do not get coronavirus for three reasons: effective work of cellular memory, strong local immunity, which prevents the virus from penetrating deeper into the respiratory tract, and a large number of interferons developed in the body after another viral disease.

For those who have already undergone coronavirus, experts advise to be in the fresh air more often, but not to overcool, in no case to load the body with hard physical work, and also to eat more protein. Recovered patients are often deficient in vitamin D, which can be replenished by eating oily fish (such as salmon), mushrooms, cow's milk, and orange juice. But it is better to completely abandon alcohol for at least a month. It also makes sense to limit the consumption of sweet, salty, fatty and fried foods that irritate the intestines, because COVID-19 affects not only the lungs, but also the digestive system.

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