The Immunologist Named The Foods That Most Often Cause Allergies

The Immunologist Named The Foods That Most Often Cause Allergies
The Immunologist Named The Foods That Most Often Cause Allergies

Video: The Immunologist Named The Foods That Most Often Cause Allergies

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Video: These 8 Foods Cause Most Allergic Reactions 2023, February

MOSCOW, 23 Feb - PRIME. Food allergies are a common problem for many people on Earth. Moreover, the most common manifestation of this ailment is atopic dermatitis or eczema. Immunologist Vladimir Bolibok told in his RT commentary about which foods most often cause an allergic reaction.


"The most common effect that we see with food allergies is atopic dermatitis or eczema. Most often they are caused by the foods that a person most often eats. That is, the most common allergens are allergens from cow's milk, wheat, cereals, eggs, poultry meat and different fish allergens. Each time you need to individually look at the spectrum of allergens ", - said Bolibok.

He noted that now such diagnostics are available. At the same time, the most widespread reaction is blood, the specialist added.

"That is, you can donate blood and immediately identify most allergens at once. Therefore, you do not need to guess, you need to contact an allergist. The treatment of food allergies, on the one hand, is simple, on the other hand, complex. If you completely exclude a causal allergen from food, then all the symptoms disappear, "explained Bolibok.

The main problem, according to the doctor, is that some food allergens are so common that it can be quite difficult to make a diet so that a person does not receive this allergen from food.

"We need to involve professional nutritionists to help formulate such a diet," he said.

Bolibok also explained that there is such a term as "the severity of allergies." For example, he said, when eating citrus fruits can suddenly cause hives in some people. "People get scared, therefore, they immediately start looking for a doctor. This is a more pronounced reaction, but it happens less often than to those products that I have named. The same applies to nuts. Nuts are a fairly strong allergen, but they are rare," Bolibok said. …

In addition, the doctor said that another of the obvious manifestations of food allergy may be a disruption of the digestive tract, however, such a reaction may well be, on the contrary, mild, which makes it difficult to diagnose and find a doctor. "That is, a person is being treated by a gastroenterologist, but in reality he has a food allergy. But these reactions are implicit, not pronounced. A person can suffer from this for years and never get to an allergist for a consultation," he explained.

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