"Sputnik" Number Two: Trials Of The "light" Vaccine Began In Russia

"Sputnik" Number Two: Trials Of The "light" Vaccine Began In Russia
"Sputnik" Number Two: Trials Of The "light" Vaccine Began In Russia

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Video: Russia's one-dose 'Sputnik Light' vaccine will cost less than $10. 2023, February

Kaliningrad began testing the Sputnik-Light vaccine. Last week, the Russian Ministry of Health issued a permit for the third phase of drug trials. In total, about four thousand people will take part in them. What is its difference from the first "Sputnik", learned the correspondent of the TV channel "MIR 24" Nadezhda Serezhkina.

“I want to contribute to the development of our science. But if there is an opportunity at the same time to protect myself from this insidious disease, then I decided to combine one with the other,”says volunteer Elena Chetverkina

The westernmost city in Russia will be the first to experience Sputnik-Light. "Daughter" drug "Sputnik V". The development of the Gamaleya Center is designed for faster results - without loss of quality.

“The difference between Sputnik-Light is that it is done once, not twice, like Sputnik V and all other vaccines with revaccination. "Sputnik-Light" is made once. That is, it is believed that for young and healthy people it is enough to create protection somewhere around 90%,”said the director of the clinical research center of the IKBFU. I. Kant Vladimir Rafalsky.

According to doctors' forecasts, the first antibodies after Sputnik-Light will appear in seven days. In a month, immunity will peak. For volunteers, the procedure is standard: a test for PCR and antibodies to covid, strict supervision of therapists.

“I decided to take part and get vaccinated before it becomes available because I was tired of being afraid. I want to live a normal life,”volunteer Irina Khabirova admitted.

There are now three vaccines against coronavirus in Russia. Last week, KoviVak was added to Sputnik V and EpiVacCorone - from the center named after Chumakov. No country has such an opportunity to resist covid.

The new drug was created not on the basis of individual antigens, but on the basis of a whole - inactivated, that is, weakened in laboratory conditions - virus. This means that the body gives a complete immune response. Even if COVID-19 mutates.

“Its huge advantage over other vaccines already on the market is that this vaccine contains the entire spectrum of the virus's antigens. And accordingly, the immune response will be directed absolutely against all antigens inherent in the coronavirus,”said immunologist Vladimir Bolibok.

CoviVac, like most vaccines, is two-component. But the interval between vaccinations became less - two weeks. All in all, about four thousand free vaccination points continue to work in Russia. You can sign up through the portal of public services. You only need to take your policy and passport with you.

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