There Are Three Rules: The Winner Of The Show "Amazing People" Dmitry Borisov - About Brain Training And Hope For "C Grade"

There Are Three Rules: The Winner Of The Show "Amazing People" Dmitry Borisov - About Brain Training And Hope For "C Grade"
There Are Three Rules: The Winner Of The Show "Amazing People" Dmitry Borisov - About Brain Training And Hope For "C Grade"

Video: There Are Three Rules: The Winner Of The Show "Amazing People" Dmitry Borisov - About Brain Training And Hope For "C Grade"

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Dmitry Borisov is a unique person. He can do things that no one can repeat - in his mind the mathematician juggles huge numbers, as if we are talking about a school multiplication table. On November 1, the unique won a victory in the project "Amazing People" on the TV channel "Russia" (filmed by "WeiT Media"). A well-deserved prize was a million rubles, and interesting proposals for cooperation from different parts of the world fell on him. Even the team of international scientists is called "to count", but Dmitry prefers to stay at home in order to start his own business. Dmitry Borisov spoke about what it is like to be a genius, who can pump your brain and how to make money on it.


Dmitry Borisov became the winner of the Amazing People project.

Photo: TV channel "Russia" - Dmitry, how to feel like the most amazing person? - When the name of the winner was announced on stage, of course, at first it was a shock. Euphoria, excitement Honestly, I thought that it would be either the Vardanyan brothers, or a man-balance. From my point of view, their numbers were more spectacular and spectacular. - But you followed the victory? - Of course, by participating in such projects, you go for victory. You set yourself a goal. But victory is not at any cost. Not in my rules to interfere with someone, to go over their heads. Everything should be fair. And at the same time, when people with a wide variety of abilities are involved, both acrobats and strongmen, it is difficult to define oneself as the best. And if in my first attempt on the project back in 2018, many factors turned out to be against me. But I'm still happy with my performance. And there are no accidents. That, exactly that event became the impetus and led me to victory now. - Accidents do not happen, you now speak like a mathematician. Can all events be calculated? - Yes, this is quite a mathematical statement. I have a date of birth, for example, April 13, 1989. Add 1 + 3 = 4. Month - 04 - 0 + 4 = 4. And the year 1989. If we discard the top ten, then I have fours everywhere. In general, each person has his own number. By which you can track life cycles by determining when it is best to do something, on certain dates. And surround yourself with certain numbers. The number 4, by the way, was the key for Pushkin, Lermontov, Tchaikovsky, Leo Tolstoy. In Mozart's work Dmitry Borisov is sure that his example can reassure the parents of C grade students.

Photo: "WeiT Media" - Genius number? - You could say that. It was very often repeated in the lives of these outstanding people. A certain year, a period of life, a year of writing a poem, a symphony. If there is a number four in the date, it will definitely be my day. As in the show, I had 4 boards. And the jury consists of 4 people. When preparing the room, I was told that let's make 3 boards, three screens. I insisted on four. - Then, probably, and the 4th children, following your logic? - Here, I think, an exception can be made. My wife has one child. The son is now a year and a half. For now, I'm experimenting with him, following my own method. At this age, attention is scattered, it is difficult to teach something. And my system is designed that everything is perceived by simple visual images. Square, circle. He is still looking at these pictures. Here are three squares, here two, one. Maybe some connections arise in the brain, but we will find out about this in a couple of years. - What was the most difficult during the test? - I was preparing for the tests, I knew that everything would work out. I trained and hardly worried. The most difficult thing turned out to be waiting. Announcement of the winner. - Tell us about the shooting: did you have to reshoot something? - All numbers were filmed in one take. There were no technical problems.A unique person is called to work abroad, but he is in no hurry to leave his country.

Photo: “WeiT Media” - How did the relationship develop with other participants during the project? - On the qualifying round, we even made friends with some. We are still in touch with someone. In the beginning, there was no sense of competition. But at the final, a chill was felt (smiles). This is understandable. Everyone is focused. The most responsible way out. I believed that we would all succeed, so that we all looked great, the show itself turned out at the highest level. And so that, indeed, they choose from those who came out and showed their abilities to the maximum. - When did you first discover amazing abilities? - I just recently thought about it. And, it seems, he remembered. It was about 13 years old. Again, I note that the number 4 is obtained by adding 1 + 3. I was traveling by tram in my hometown in Novotroitsk, And I saw a panorama from the windows in the building. I looked in passing, and did not even understand what had happened. The figure and the answer immediately came out that there are 64 windows in this building. I didn’t give this meaning then, I just saw and forgot. - And at school, probably, you were an excellent student in mathematics? The director's pride, the winner of the Olympiads? - It was just the opposite. Studied for Cs, mediocre, memory was very bad. I did not participate in the Olympiads, I did not hang on the honor board. And he hated cramming when something was forcibly put into his brain (smiles). And only at the institute, when I got to my native environment (in Yekaterinburg I entered the USTU UPI at the mechanical engineering faculty, - editor's note), where abstract thinking is required, everything went easily. Strength materials were easily written, machine parts were remembered. He began to participate in Olympiads and competitions. - It turns out that for the parents of the current "troeshniks" you are just a clear example that grades are not an indicator of the further success of their children? - Sure. But I always say that you need to learn. As at any age, train your brain, engage in self-development. For example, mental thinking helps to avoid information overload, replaces phone numbers with funny emoticons, and huge numbers for travel from work to home. It's always easy to understand. But to understand, you need to start learning. With the volume of information increasing and increasing, I believe that mental thinking is the future. Dmitry also plans to write a book.

Photo: “WeiT Media” - It’s good what you need if I, a humanist, want to just like you, easily juggle numbers, count, multiply in my mind. This is real? What advice would you give to the winner? The advice is my three rules. The first is self-discipline. There is a goal, we have drawn up an implementation plan. And if daily workouts are in this plan, then in no case should you miss them. The second rule follows from the first. Constantly making your brain work. Have a trainer, at least in mental arithmetic, for example. Or chess. Or learning any language. You can study according to my system. Plan, regime, classes themselves. And the third, most pleasant rule is to rest. Over the past two years, I realized that at first I was very overworked myself, before I found a middle ground. Now every morning after 15 minutes I woke up - I do math workouts. Because if you start to miss, then that's it, the skill is lost. As in any business. - What is your technique? - I am asked this question all the time. I even made a video where I tried to explain everything in detail. In general, we work with a field consisting of squares. Imagine an ordinary squared notebook. From this field I take, for example, some part, I circle the borders 10 by 10. And I start working in it, insert squares of different colors. One color means units. The other is dozens. 3rd - fifty dollars, fourth - hundreds. The system starts working with a certain optimization of calculations. Everything jumps from one place to another - there is a constant simplification. When I add the numbers together, it looks like a game like Tetris (

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- How do you manage to monetize your abilities in life? - You see, I won a million (laughs). Of course, in the process of participating in the show, a variety of proposals began to arrive, which it is too early to talk about. In general, a person can monetize his abilities when he has a good memory, analytical skills, and process optimization. In that case, you can become anyone. You will learn several languages ​​and become a high-quality translator. Many professions are open. - What is the most unusual job you've been offered? - One scientist from America turned, who studies numbers all his life, works for large commercial organizations. He and several of his colleagues, for example, determine exchange rates, exchange rates, relying on a certain series of numbers. In the program with me, even at the qualifying stage, the scientist saw this sequence, which they also use. They even sat down to solve my example using the base 56211. Four professors, no calculators, just a piece of paper and a pen. It took 4 hours and there were a lot of questions. So he turned to me to share my technique with them and start cooperating. Because their system allows the maximum to count up to three-digit values ​​- And you? - Naturally, I refused. - What are your plans, what do you want to learn new or how to further develop your unique ability? - The site with games is almost ready. In about a month I will launch my training course. And he also listened to the advice of one of the jury members. Vasily Klyucharyov recommended writing books and publishing booklets. There is one more area that can also be developed. Derived certain calculations and an algorithm, watching the game of boxer Mike Tyson. He translated his movements into certain formulas. And I noticed that, in principle, there is a constant dependence, certain decisions that lead to the goal. Of course, I studied his opponents in parallel. And if Mike Tyson turned to me, I would explain the tactics to him based on the derived formulas. Basically, what his coach does is more based on intuition and experience. These formulas are also applicable in football, volleyball, where there is some kind of dynamics, the movement of the body, the object. The earned million genius will spend on launching his own courses.

Photo: WeiT Media - Would you like to take part in a similar project again? Sure. I want to go to America, London, Germany. Next year, if the borders are open, I really want to see the World Cup in Dubai. There is a great desire to set several world records. Moreover, in such championships in these countries there is not a single Russian over the past 20 years. Probably I'll be the first. - What are you going to do with the winnings? - I will invest part in the development of the site, the creation of an author's training course, which is adaptive for any age. Most of it will go into writing the book. I started to find out how much it costs, so exactly half of this amount. Make, design, print and distribute. I plan to start negotiations with publishers.

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