Doctors Call Contraindications For Vaccination Against Coronavirus

Doctors Call Contraindications For Vaccination Against Coronavirus
Doctors Call Contraindications For Vaccination Against Coronavirus

Video: Doctors Call Contraindications For Vaccination Against Coronavirus

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MOSCOW, 3 Jan - PRIME. Infectionist Yevgeny Timakov listed contraindications for vaccination against coronavirus infection. In particular, during vaccination, the patient should not have ARVI symptoms and exacerbations of chronic diseases, the specialist said in an interview with RBC.


"A person should not have any manifestations of acute respiratory viral infections: a runny nose, cough, fever, malaise. Also, within a month before vaccination, there should be no exacerbations of chronic diseases," Timakov emphasized.

Leading researcher at the Federal Research Center for Fundamental and Translational Medicine, Professor of Virology Alexander Chepurnov, agrees with Timakov's opinion. After ARVI, immunity decreases for some time, which is why a cold within a month before vaccination is a contraindication.

Before the procedure, you should not abuse alcohol, fatty foods and fast food, added the infectious disease specialist. In addition, it is necessary to psychologically prepare for the vaccination, since the release of adrenaline and stress hormones can have an additional negative effect on blood vessels and lead to loss of consciousness.

“If the patient is very worried, his blood pressure may rise. During vaccination, adrenaline and stress hormones are naturally released, which additionally affects the blood vessels. As a result, a person may feel dizzy and lose consciousness,”Timakov explained.

For people prone to allergic reactions, the infectious disease specialist advised to take antihistamines the day before the vaccination and the day after. If you are prone to fever, you can drink a pill of paracetamol at night after vaccination.

Dmitry Denisov, director of the Helix laboratory service, recalled that before vaccination, it is necessary to pass a PCR test for COVID-19 in order to exclude the presence of an asymptomatic disease. It is also recommended to be tested for IgG and IgM antibodies before vaccination, and after vaccination, to check the level of IgG antibodies in order to track the change in their number.

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