Doctors Told How To Properly Go To The Bathhouse In Winter

Doctors Told How To Properly Go To The Bathhouse In Winter
Doctors Told How To Properly Go To The Bathhouse In Winter

Video: Doctors Told How To Properly Go To The Bathhouse In Winter

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Doctors named several important rules for visiting the bathhouse in winter. Experts noted that visiting the steam room before the New Year is an old tradition and ritual. In this case, it is necessary to know a number of features. After all, a visit to the bath is a load for the body, and you must try to withstand it without unpleasant consequences.


According to Andrei Tyazhelnikov, chief freelance specialist in primary health care for the adult population of the capital's health department, it is necessary to refrain from paired procedures for people who have high blood pressure, various skin diseases, and oncological diseases.

“Elderly people should be very careful when visiting the bathhouse. They should not be left unattended in the steam room, "Tyazhelnikov noted, RIA Novosti reports.

Also, pregnant women, people with acute colds need to refrain from procedures.

Tyazhelnikov recalled that the bathhouse is especially popular in winter, as it is pleasant to warm up after frost. At the same time, if you go straight from the cold, then it will be a huge stress even for a healthy person.

In this regard, you need to warm up gradually. It is necessary to sit longer in the dressing room, for the first time go into the steam room for a very short time.

Also, according to the doctor, one should not abruptly leave the steam room in the cold. Jumping into snowdrifts is not suitable for everyone. Moreover, it is useful to measure blood pressure before going to the bath.

In turn, the chief narcologist of the Moscow Department of Health and the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation, Yevgeny Brun, emphasized that the bath and alcohol are incompatible.

“It may not even be alcohol, but some kind of plentiful food, great physical activity. The bath is not compatible with anything,” Brune emphasized.

This is due to the fact that high temperature is the excitement of certain systems of the body: the heartbeat becomes more frequent, the body temperature rises. Moreover, before visiting the bath, you will also have to forget about alcohol for a while.

Nutritionist of the Moscow Department of Health, Antonina Starodubova, said that when combining a bath and meals, you also need to adhere to some rules. Before visiting the steam room, you must not gorge yourself; after the main meal, at least one and a half hours - two hours should pass. Also, you can not eat fatty and heavy foods. However, on an empty stomach, you also cannot visit the bathhouse. An hour before the event, you can have a light snack in the form of a vegetable salad or a baked omelet.

It is necessary to restore fluid loss associated with profuse sweating. According to Starodubova, ordinary drinking water is best suited for this. You can also use a weak tea with the addition of aromatic herbs.

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