Dermatologists Told How It Is Safe To Use Antiseptics For The Skin

Dermatologists Told How It Is Safe To Use Antiseptics For The Skin
Dermatologists Told How It Is Safe To Use Antiseptics For The Skin

Video: Dermatologists Told How It Is Safe To Use Antiseptics For The Skin

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Dermatologists told how it is safe to use antiseptics for the skin

During the coronavirus pandemic, doctors advise not to abuse antiseptics and use them, taking into account the type of skin. This is reported by dermatologists interviewed by RBC.


Earlier, there was a discussion between experts about ways to protect themselves from the spread of coronavirus. In particular, the chief freelance infectious disease specialist of the Russian Ministry of Health, professor at Sechenov University, Vladimir Chulanov, argued that wearing gloves is an "ineffective measure" in the fight against coronavirus, since most do not have them on and off correctly. Instead, he recommended the use of hand sanitizers when getting in and out of vehicles. But he later changed his mind, noting that gloves and antiseptics are equally effective in the fight against COVID-19. In turn, the first deputy head of the State Duma Committee on Education and Science Gennady Onishchenko said that the constant treatment of hands with antiseptics can contribute to the fact that all microflora on the skin will die.

You can use a hand sanitizer at least three times a day, informs dermatologist Tatyana Egorova: "The antiseptic destroys the protective hydrolipid layer of the skin." It is best to wear gloves, she said. The specialist believes that in order not to dry the skin, it is necessary to choose antiseptics that contain glycerin, aloe extract and disinfectants with a lower alcohol content. As the doctor clarified, antiseptics in the metro contain a lot of alcohol, not everywhere they are with emollients.

According to dermatologist Inna Petrosova, it is worth determining the maximum number of antiseptic applications per day, taking into account the individual sensitivity of the skin. “I will apply 30 times and nothing will happen to me, but a person with a history of allergies will apply once and he will have irritation,” the specialist says.

She emphasized that “gloves are the same”, they also disrupt the microbiome of the skin, contribute to the fact that it begins to dry, flake, and cracks appear. Petrosova advised to moisturize the skin with a cream five to ten minutes after using the antiseptic.

Since the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic, 1,463,306 people have been infected in Russia, 1,107,988 have recovered, and 25,242 have died.

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