The Expert Spoke About The Causes Of Insomnia

The Expert Spoke About The Causes Of Insomnia
The Expert Spoke About The Causes Of Insomnia

Video: The Expert Spoke About The Causes Of Insomnia

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Head of the Sleep Medicine Center, Moscow State University M.V. Lomonosov Alexander Kalinkin spoke about the causes of insomnia.

“In addition to stress, there are a huge number of reasons that lead to sleep disturbance in modern humans. The first reason: we have been using artificial lighting for over 100 years. There were TVs, gadgets, computers and so on. The light load has increased, we use the term "light pollution", - he said in an interview with the radio station "Moscow speaking".

A large number of light sources suppress melatonin production, he said.

The second reason, he cited the use of foods with an excess of caffeine.

“This is not only coffee, but also tea, chocolate and so on. We are, not getting enough sleep, trying to keep ourselves in good shape, using energy drinks to improve performance during the day. However, by doing so we further worsen the night's sleep,”explained Kalinkin.

As the expert noted, another reason is the wrong attitude to sleep, when a person believes that this is too much time, while in fact productivity, well-being, and working capacity depend on sleep.

Earlier, an expert on working with fear, anxiety and panic attacks, psychologist Maria Mazurina, in an interview with Nation News, told how to get into a work rhythm after the holidays.

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