Loza And Onishchenko Responded To Actor Epifantsev, Who Considered That There Was No COVID-19

Loza And Onishchenko Responded To Actor Epifantsev, Who Considered That There Was No COVID-19
Loza And Onishchenko Responded To Actor Epifantsev, Who Considered That There Was No COVID-19

Video: Loza And Onishchenko Responded To Actor Epifantsev, Who Considered That There Was No COVID-19

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Video: Who Is Behind Coronavirus and COVID 19 Pandemic? Russian Response, Part 1 2023, January

Singer, composer Yuri Loza and former chief sanitary doctor of Russia, State Duma deputy Gennady Onishchenko, in an interview with the correspondent of Vechernyaya Moskvy, reacted ambiguously to the statements of actor Vladimir Epifantsev. He said he did not believe in a phenomenon like the coronavirus. From his point of view, people by their fears create what does not exist.


We need to move away from the fronda

According to Gennady Onishchenko, it is sad that someone still denies the existence of COVID.

- There is a virus, it is dangerous for older people. Those who have not yet been ill must still comply with all the instructions for counteracting infection in the name of their own health and the health of those around them,”the specialist said in an interview with the Vechernyaya Moskvy correspondent.

Onishchenko wished Vladimir Epifantsev to move away from the opposition and take care of himself.

- God grant him reason and a responsible attitude towards himself. That's what I wish him, - added the politician.

Drink tea with raspberries, the body will cope

Yuri Loza reacted calmly to Epifantsev's statements. From his point of view, the actor is wrong only if he believes that there is no virus at all.

- Yes, COVID-19 exists. Just don’t run around with him like a devil in a mortar. There should be no kinks. After all, there were a bunch of different covids. You understand that there will be both the 20th and 21st. And our body is superbly adapted to fight against such viruses. He has defense mechanisms. Our body just raises the temperature, knowing that all these viruses are temperature-dependent. He does not think what kind of virus it is, but takes it and kills it, - the singer is sure.

At the same time, Loza notes that the algorithms for combating colds among the people have long been invented.

- It is necessary to lie down, not to work, drink a lot of water and eat less, so as not to interfere with the body. Drink tea with lemon, with raspberries and let the body kill the virus with a fever. If the temperature is high, then support the heart. In this way, you can trust nature, which has built this whole chain a long time ago, - the artist believes.

Infirmary of famous names

If we go back to COVID-19, which also refers to respiratory tract viruses, then officially in Russia on October 19, almost a million 400 thousand cases of infection with a new coronavirus infection from more than 40 million in the world have been registered since the beginning of the pandemic.

I must say that quite a few stars of domestic show business and stage have suffered from the disease. Among them are Nadezhda Babkina, Lev Leshchenko, Elena Vorobei, Emin Agalarov, Anna Netrebko. The list goes on and on. Not to mention politicians and other famous people. At one time, the virus was found in Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin, the press secretary of the President Dmitry Peskov and his wife Tatyana Navka. And on Sunday, for example, the mayor of the resort Yalta, Ivan Imgrunt, died of COVID-19.

The Vechernyaya Moskvy correspondent tried to contact Vladimir Epifantsev to clarify the position. But he did not answer a question sent to Whats'App at the request of his assistant.

The artist expressed an ambiguous point of view in the program "New Russian Sensations" on NTV. At least, this is how the journalists of the federal TV channel interpreted his words.

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