How To Understand That You Are Pregnant Before Delay

How To Understand That You Are Pregnant Before Delay
How To Understand That You Are Pregnant Before Delay

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Sometimes, in order to suspect pregnancy, it is not at all necessary to wait for a delay in the menstrual cycle. Often, an "interesting situation" makes itself felt through a number of other symptoms. More details about them - in the material of "Rambler".

There are several early pregnancy symptoms that should not be ignored if you understand that there was a chance of conceiving. These symptoms include:

  • the appearance of mucous secretions
  • painful sensations in the chest, changes in sensitivity;
  • headaches;
  • pulling pain in the abdomen;
  • increased fatigue and severe fatigue;
  • sudden mood swings;

The difficulty in detecting pregnancy on these grounds is that sometimes women write off these symptoms for the upcoming menstruation.

In addition to this, it is impossible to single out a single feature that is present in all pregnant women at an early stage. While some girls feel changes in the body in the morning after conception, others do not feel any signs of pregnancy until the period is delayed.

According to experts, the most reliable data on the onset of pregnancy can be obtained only after a delay - in the case when the obstetric gestation period exceeds 4-5 weeks. However, sometimes in this case, the test can show a negative result. Then you should focus on obvious external signs, including bloating, edema, changes in nipple pigmentation and darkening of the line leading from the navel to the lower abdomen.

One way or another, if the delay in menstruation stretches for a week or longer, this is a reason to consult a doctor. Sometimes this does not indicate pregnancy, but health problems.

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