If You Are Suffering From Swelling, There May Be 8 Serious Reasons For This

If You Are Suffering From Swelling, There May Be 8 Serious Reasons For This
If You Are Suffering From Swelling, There May Be 8 Serious Reasons For This

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Swelling can appear towards the end of the day, especially if we spend it on our feet in hot weather, taking certain types of food or medication. Swelling is also possible in the morning: after sleep, we see a swollen face in the mirror, which immediately spoils our mood. Why does it happen, what causes swelling and how can it be avoided?

1. Dehydration

The most common and obvious cause in healthy people. With a lack of fluid in the body, he begins to store it for a "rainy day", in this case, the lower part of the body swells mainly. To get rid of this type of edema, you need to drink at least one and a half liters of clean water a day, avoiding carbonated drinks and alcohol: they cause fluid retention in the tissues.

2. Excess salt in food

Doctors recommend that a person of average build should eat up to 5 grams of salt per day, this is a flat teaspoon. It is better if this quantity is also reduced. In the event that we get more salt, it causes fluid retention in the body, which leads to edema. Try to wean yourself off your salt habit by will, and use spices or lemon juice instead.

3. Kidney disease

One of the main symptoms associated with morning facial edema is associated with impaired renal function. If you limit the amount of fluid an hour and a half before bedtime, feel pain in the lower back and discoloration of urine, you need to see a physician or nephrologist to clarify the diagnosis. It is important to follow a diet (including drinking) and try to sleep on your back.

4. Heart disease

If the swelling is accompanied by fatigue, shortness of breath and pain in the chest area, we can talk about cardiac abnormalities. Changing the diet in this case is useless, it is better to visit a cardiologist right away.

5. Hormonal disruptions

In women, in the second half of the cycle, weight gain, swelling of the arms and legs are quite often observed - they usually disappear by the beginning of menstruation. If these symptoms are not related to the monthly hormonal cycle, you need to visit an endocrinologist to check if the thyroid and adrenal glands are working normally.

6. Taking certain medications

Some medications cause swelling, including antipyretics, pain relievers, and birth control (oral contraceptives). Carefully read the list of contraindications for a specific drug and dosage. If you are worried about persistent edema, consult your doctor so that he prescribes an analogue for you without such an effect.

7. Allergy

A sudden reaction of the body with edema, itching, redness and even anaphylactic shock can be caused by food, drinks, air emissions, seasonal allergens, and certain medications. If the swelling affects the throat and airways, see a doctor immediately, the situation can be life threatening.

8. Lifestyle

Those who are forced to spend most of the day standing or sitting without the ability to change their posture may suffer from edema. Basically, fluid retention is observed in the lower body, in the legs. You should try to warm up at least once an hour, choose comfortable shoes without heels, keep your legs crossed and wear compression stockings or knee-highs.

Do you have swelling? How are you doing?

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