Your Own Doctor: What Does Self-medication Lead To?

Your Own Doctor: What Does Self-medication Lead To?
Your Own Doctor: What Does Self-medication Lead To?

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More and more Russians stop seeing doctors and instead seek advice and medicines on the internet. What does such online medicine lead to, has learned the correspondent of the TV channel "MIR 24" Alexei Zhidkikh.

How to improve immunity? What is better to take for colds and high blood pressure? How to choose a rapid coronavirus test? Medical bloggers know the answers to these questions.

“I present a drug, and you say whether it is effective or ineffective. You will know the correct answer only by voting."

According to experts, every 20th query in search engines today is associated with health.

“The topic of self-medication has become topical some time ago. This is primarily due to the availability of information on the Internet. Many people themselves are looking for a treatment regimen, medicines,”said Candidate of Medical Sciences Anna Kaleganova.

Russians mainly "treat" themselves for a cold, heartburn, cough, digestive disorders and headaches. Elena Kuznetsova from Biysk tried to solve the problem with aspirin.

“Friends advised me to drink aspirin to thin the blood, supposedly so that there were no blood clots, because because of the headache I was very afraid that I would have a stroke,” Elena admitted.

For several months, Elena took pills daily. One day I woke up with unbearable pain in my stomach.

“I called an ambulance. An ambulance arrived, they said that you are in critical condition, in no case should you use aspirin for stomach ulcers, the situation is on the verge of life and death,”said the victim.

Another reason for the popularity of self-medication in Russia is the availability of medicines. According to experts, up to 70% of drugs can be bought without a prescription. This even led to the fact that many antibiotics stopped working: microbes are immune to them.

“They don’t want to go to the hospital, to the doctor, they quickly come to the pharmacy and buy,” said pharmacist Elena Platonova.

“People think like this: if a new drug has appeared and does not help me, I would rather use the old one that helped me before. But the health situation could have already changed,”Anna Kaleganova warned.

Among the reasons for the reluctance to go to the doctor, Russians also name the lack of time. At the same time, the World Health Organization plans to teach competent self-medication. For those cases when a visit to the doctor is really unnecessary. Studies have shown that in this way you can save up to 5% of the budgetary costs for the health of the nation.

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