Russians Named New Year's Dishes Affecting Sexual Desire

Russians Named New Year's Dishes Affecting Sexual Desire
Russians Named New Year's Dishes Affecting Sexual Desire

Video: Russians Named New Year's Dishes Affecting Sexual Desire

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Russian nutritionist Elena Solomatina named New Year's dishes affecting potency. Her warnings were published on the Vechernyaya Moskva website.

Solomatina does not advise Russians to abuse alcohol, since in large doses it reduces sexual desire. When consumed excessively, alcohol relaxes and makes a person drowsy. The list of dangerous foods also includes dishes with beans and any legumes, since such food causes flatulence.

The expert calls for abandoning desserts and sweet fruits on New Year's Eve after a heavy, hearty dinner.

“The meat will be digested in the stomach for a long time, several hours, while sweet dishes, once on this“pillow”, begin to ferment and, naturally, give off gases,” Solomatina explained.

The dietitian has identified foods that also cause drowsiness and therefore affect libido. Cherries and cherry desserts contain large amounts of melatonin, the sleep hormone, she said. The same hormone, but to a lesser extent, is found in bananas. In addition, beer, lentils, and soy containing phytoestrogens can reduce cravings.

The specialist recommends excluding foods that cause vascular damage from the diet, since they affect potency in the long term.

“It's all fried, especially in oil, deep-fried, trans fats, sugar. In addition, it is necessary to closely monitor the work of the liver, because it is there that cholesterol is synthesized. Alcohol also negatively affects her work,”she said.

Earlier, Solomatina named products that replenish testosterone deficiency in the male body. According to her, foods rich in digestible protein - chicken breast, low-fat cottage cheese and beef, as well as egg white - will help increase potency. Vegetable protein is useful for men after 35 years.

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