Restaurants Banned In New York

Restaurants Banned In New York
Restaurants Banned In New York

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MOSCOW, December 11 - RIA Novosti. The governor of the US state of New York, Andrew Cuomo, has banned restaurants in the state capital due to an increase in hospitalizations due to the coronavirus.

"Eating in restaurants has been banned in New York City since Monday. The hospitalization rate has not stabilized, and given the rising infection rates and population density in New York, eating out is too high a risk," Cuomo tweeted.

He stressed that self-pickup and delivery continue to function, as well as the possibility of eating on the street.

The Governor of New York also raised the issue of vaccine supplies. He said that about 170 thousand doses of Pfizer coronavirus vaccine are expected this weekend, and after December 21, the state should receive 346 thousand doses of vaccine from the American company Moderna.

Over the past day in New York, according to Cuomo, more than 10 thousand new cases of coronavirus infection were detected, the total number of infections is about 750 thousand.

Until recently, New York was the center of the coronavirus epidemic in the United States. On the worst days in New York State, more than 700 people died a day, and more than three thousand were hospitalized.

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