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What Are Vaginas
What Are Vaginas

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The Indian sages, having devoted their whole life to the study of vaginas, made mankind happy with the following theory. Detailed classification of female genital organs by nationality and behavior in sex. All peoples have a classification of the female genital organs.

There are significant individual differences in the structure of the external genital organs of different men and different women.

The length of the vagina in women, on average, is 8 cm.But in some women it can be longer - up to 10-11 cm, less often - more, and maybe a short vagina - 6 cm.

The oldest "scientific" research belongs to the best minds in India. The sages, having devoted their whole lives to the study of vaginas, have made humankind happy with the following theory.

Girl - "doe"

A girl is a "doe" if a man, even with a small penis, when entering, feels like a sexual giant. (The depth of the vagina of the "doe" is no more than 12.5 cm). Doe girls are very graceful, their body does not lose flexibility and elasticity even over the years. Doe usually have a small but beautiful shape, chest, long legs, graceful fingers. "Doe" eat little, but they have a lot and very willingly have sex.

What's in sex? In sex, "girls-doe" are very inventive and prefer impromptu. Sex on the beach or in the elevator for the "fallow deer" is not extreme, but well-spent everyday life.

What nationality? Doe girls can be of any nationality, but there are especially many of them in France, Italy and Greece. Girl - "mare" and "princess"

Girls - "mares" usually have lush hips and breasts. But, alas, there is also a rather round tummy, with which the "mares" have been fighting all their lives. As for the vagina, men with a penis of more than 17 cm will already be somewhat cramped. According to another classification, the "mares" often have the most beautiful vagina, which is called the "princess".

The "princess" has a well-developed clitoris and very delicate, pink labia minora.

What's in sex? Men are attracted to "princess mares" with incredible strength: with the primal instinct of a male, they understand that such women are good in any sexual position at any time of the day or night.

What nationality? Most of the "princesses" are among mulatto women and (our men were lucky!) Among Slavic women. Girl - "elephant"

The "elephants" have short arms and legs, a wide face, and a deep voice. And lush, very lush breasts.

"Elephants" are simply forced to touch by men, because their sexual fervor is not kindled so quickly, and the depth of the vagina (up to 25 cm) dictates its own conditions.

What's in sex? A man who has chosen an "elephant" as his girlfriend should not rely only on his boyfriend. Cunnilingus, sex with various things from a sex shop - these skills are simply necessary for those in love with the "elephant".

What nationality? Most of the "elephants" among African women. Classification of female genital organs

In ancient India, everything was according to the ancient, today scientists note that the female genitals differ in the topographic position of the entrance to the vagina, the position of the clitoris relative to the entrance to the vagina (high, low), the size of the clitoris (large, small), the size and design of the labia, especially small ones, by the degree of moisturizing of the vagina with juices (secret) during sexual arousal (dry, sufficient or excessively moistened vagina), as well as by the plane in which the woman's genital tube is compressed. The classification of female genital organs according to these parameters is as follows (according to L.Ya. Yakobson): "Virgin" - the sexual organ of a girl untouched by men

"Wild" - a genital organ with an extensible hymen, which is preserved until childbirth

"Chileyka" - the sexual organ of a girl without a hymen. Found in India, Brazil, Chile. Since childhood, girls have been washed so vigorously by their mothers that they destroy the hymen.

"Eve" is a vulva with a large clitoris. Women with a large clitoris are less intelligent but more sensitive.

"Milka" - a vulva with a clitoris located close to the entrance to the vagina (low) and rubbing during intercourse directly with the man's penis. Women with "sweetheart" are easily satisfied, during intercourse almost no additional caresses are required.

Pava is a vulva with a high clitoris. During intercourse, she is extremely in need of caresses, since her clitoris does not rub directly against the man's penis.

"Zamazudya" - a vulva with abundant secretion of juice during sexual arousal of a woman. It causes unpleasant sensations in the sexual partner and often leads to the refusal of the man from copulation.

"Drupe" is an underdeveloped flat external organ with infantile labia. It is usually found in thin women with a narrow pelvis. Almost all "drupes" have a low location of the genitals. "Drupe" is one of the most unattractive genitals for a man.

"Monkey" - a woman's sexual organ with an abnormally long clitoris - more than 3 cm. It is named so because some female monkeys have a clitoris longer than the male's penis.

"Gottengot apron" - a woman's sexual organ with overdeveloped labia minora, covering the entrance to the vagina and hanging outside the labia majora. This organ pathology can develop as a result of excessive female masturbation on the labia.

"Princess" is the most beautiful female genital organ with a well-developed clitoris and labia minora in the form of a pink bud above the entrance to the vagina. "Princess" is the most beloved by men, the most attractive and convenient organ for intercourse in any position. With good hormonal secretion, a woman who has a "princess" is able to receive herself and give a man unspeakable pleasure. Combines with the small size of the vagina, which is also attractive for men. "Princess" is found only in short or medium height women with full hips and a wide backside.

"Half-dudes", "half-women", "half-scrubs" and other types of female genital organs occupy an intermediate position. The location of the genital slit can also be different - close to the anus (small perineum), exactly in the center (normal perineum) or high, close to the abdomen.

The structure of the female genital organs is different for different nationalities. In Greek, French and Italian women, narrow and short vaginas predominate. Women of African nationalities, as well as black and mulatto women of the American continent, are dominated by long vaginas. In Georgians, Spanish and German women, underdeveloped external organs predominate (see "drupe").

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