Senegal Said They Are Negotiating To Receive "Sputnik V"

Senegal Said They Are Negotiating To Receive "Sputnik V"
Senegal Said They Are Negotiating To Receive "Sputnik V"

Video: Senegal Said They Are Negotiating To Receive "Sputnik V"

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Video: Senegal minister hails start of vaccine rollout 2023, February

RABAT, February 23. / TASS /. Senegal is in talks to obtain a Russian vaccine against the Sputnik V coronavirus. This was announced on Tuesday by the President of the West African country, Maki Sal.

"Senegal has decided to act on a bilateral level with all countries producing vaccines and with pharmaceutical companies to obtain a vaccine," the Agence de Presse Senegalaise news agency quoted the head of state as saying.

"The Chinese vaccine is available, we already have it. We were able to receive doses of the drug from the Chinese laboratory Sinopharm, including thanks to the support of Chinese President Xi Jinping. I also turned to Russia and President Putin," Sal continued.

"We are in talks to get the Sputnik V vaccine. In addition, we have launched initiatives for Johnson & Johnson and Pfizer," the president added. Sal said "Senegal intends to purchase more than 6.7 million additional doses of vaccines in the coming weeks."

Vaccination campaign

Earlier on Tuesday, a campaign to vaccinate the population against coronavirus began in Senegal. The first injection was given to the Minister of Health and Social Support of the West African Republic, Abdulai Diouf Sarr. At the first stage of the campaign, a drug from the Chinese laboratory Sinopharm is used, 200 thousand doses of which have already arrived in Senegal. Priority groups for vaccination include healthcare workers involved in the fight against the pandemic, people over the age of 60 and patients with chronic diseases.

As Sal said today, "mass vaccination will immunize the population and reduce the risks of infection from the spread of coronavirus." “It is better to be vaccinated than not to be vaccinated,” the Senegalese leader stressed.

More than 33 thousand cases of coronavirus infection have been recorded in Senegal. At the same time, 814 people died, over 27 thousand recovered.

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