What To Do When Sex Becomes A Test Of Strength

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What To Do When Sex Becomes A Test Of Strength
What To Do When Sex Becomes A Test Of Strength

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Unpleasant, but true: three out of four women experience pain during or after sex. And while mild discomfort can be attributed to an uncomfortable posture or muscle problems, severe and frequent pain is an indicator of much more significant problems. To understand what the difference is, read the recommendations of the urogynecologist Cheryl Iglesia (USA), who specializes in this topic! When is pain the norm?

Surely you had to experience unpleasant sensations if he entered at the wrong angle or too powerfully.

The first test for pain is how quickly it went away or stayed. As a rule, occasional pain goes away quickly, and light pulling sensations after sex are associated with muscle work. If after a couple of hours nothing has changed or you have to take painkillers, this is a reason to consult a doctor.

You have an infection

One of the side effects of a bladder infection is inflammation of the lining that lines the vagina. Also, less lubrication may be produced, which adds pain. Fortunately, infections are fairly easy to treat, after a course of treatment it is worth waiting a couple of days before having sex again.

He cannot enter

If the vagina "closes" against the penetration of anything, it is vaginismus. Intimate muscles tense and do not allow inserting a tampon, vibrator or penis. About 0.5-1% of women are susceptible to this, it seems that there are not so many, but there are chances to be among them. Often occurs after sexual injury or muscle overwork with Kegel exercises. You need to go through therapy and learn to relax.

Vulva problems

This ailment is called vulvodynia. There are two types of it: generalized (the whole vulva hurts) and localized (some part suffers). Unlike vaginismus, you can put something inside, but it will be very painful. It can be frustrating to sit, wear tight pants, use tampons, or even go to the bathroom.

The reason for this is low hormone levels. Another option is nerve damage in the vulvar area. Treatment usually consists of an estrogen cream and sometimes antidepressants. About a percent of women sometimes suffer from this ailment.

Painful periods and unpleasant sex

One of the most common pain-causing problems is endometriosis, where cells in the endometrium (the inner layer of the wall of the uterus) grow and expand outside the uterus. In about half of the cases, this also gives pain during sex. One of the methods of treatment is contraception, which takes away critical days, for example, a hormonal coil. Other options are changing positions or having sex on non-critical days.

If it's dry inside

Lack of lubrication can be linked to more than just menopause. Certain contraceptives, antihistamines, and soap allergies can all cause dryness. It is recommended to buy a lubricant.


There is a difference between discomfort and pain, and in many cases you can understand what exactly is bothering you. Severe or repetitive pain is not the norm! No one should have sex with unpleasant sensations, especially since all of these problems are easily treatable.

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